MIG-31 The Long Range Interceptor Aircraft [HD]-2014
Odsłon: 79887
Czas trwania: 1m 53s
Ocena tzw. rating: 137

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- bad musik
- It would be nice to actually hear the plane instead of music
- This interceptor was designed for the demolition of SR 71 that could go from one end of the horizon to the other side of the horizon in less than 3 minutes!? Too bad the MIG 31 do not turn around in the air, or is in the air like SU 35/37 !?
- советская техника до сих пор лучшая лишь только потому, что она советская!)) Слава советским инженерам !
- Голь на вы́думку хитра́.
- Little advice for the next video, dont use red. It gets hard to read in some places.
- I would feel soo bad for the bomber that gets intercepted by this plane.
- Недаром вы,американцы,называете его-"гончей"!
- its not video its slideshow
- The SR-71 with its dual stage engines....able to fly over 85,000 ft and outran any known surface to air missile?
- What's wrong with the landing gear at 1:27?
- на большой высоте 3000 км/ч (M=2,82)
- "This is the plane that could finally kill the SR-71 Blackbird."  The MiG-25 was 'capable' but the fault was with the Soviet alert system network.  It never allowed enough warning for a MiG-25 to launch and reach a good intercept position in time to catch the SR, even though it was otherwise fully capable of doing so.
- Re. "Yes not good enough or fast enough for the auroa jet scram jet interceptor close to the f-15" ...I can't believe some kids still old on to fantasies of an Aurora aircraft when even, on account of the deficit, every SINGLE military development program that is KNOWN to exist in the U.S. is already having to be financially curtailed if not cancelled.
- Re. "Actually it defeated a mig 29 in a combat training exercise in close combat, under very heavy ecm. This proves again that the mig 29 is very bad."  Not really - as the much more expensive and technologically sophisticated aircraft, the MiG-31 likely had the far more thoroughly trained crew.  A MiG-17 "should" have been able to defeat every single F-4 it encountered in close combat, had the outcome been purely a factor of which fighter had the better agility.