MiG-35 100 лет ВВС России Russian Air Force 100th Anniversary Air Show 2012
Odsłon: 82784
Czas trwania: 3m 33s
Ocena tzw. rating: 233
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- F-18 Hornet ripoff.
- very nice , all air hardwear must be should be and will be electronic remote , that said the focus will be in ew. the way of the future! show me the blue prints? this anti-christ some alien human hybrid will be worshiping a god for forces? spiritual? military power? fame? a combo of complexed variables positioned on a complexed frame of dimensional helix circuits connected by alien floating vortex's with the attribute of entering and exiting in shorts period or moments outside human perception. he will understand dark sentences on top of this matrix ? how would anything this advanced fail? simple Jesus Israel 101
- mfw this is a mig-29
- Bah
- If current dogfights were decided only with the use of the gun, I'd say it's the fighter that would dominate the skies.
- Russia must built a lot of M-35 and put them in Crimea
- Vive la Russie ! Hourra !