MiG-35 - Russia's Answer to the F-35 ?
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- f35 isnt a question to begin with
- El mig-35 equivale a 6 f-35 juntos.
Así que un par de mig-35 podrían vencer a 6 F-35 EN CUALQUIER ESCENARIO.
- rejected by IAF in mmrca bid.
- guys. ur patriotism will not help ur plains to fly better))
- I shit mig-35's
- well f-35 can fire missiles too.........that's interesting..........
- F-35 "cow" not combat ready
- Raptor is a good way to get money from American congress, that what it was mad for. the price of it is 180 000000 $ each.
- why i never see f22 or f35 doing any high pilot manuvers? couse they can't
- Comparing the Mig35 a non stealth aircraft with 90s technology at best to the F35 a 5th gen stealth aircraft with far more advanced avionics is quite radiculous.
- an F35 lost to an F16 with droptanks............ once you become WVR in an F35 you're screwed
- F22 and F35 are a Pilots Dream!! Go USA!!
- It looks like the American F-15!
- Welcome In Egypt Baby :)
- SU34 vent strait in war in Syria why USA  don't bring f22 or 35 ??? What they done in 18m of bombing of Isis nothing Russia in week fuck them up
- Russian 5th generation fighter aircraft is PAK FA T-50
- that's a plane!
- The MiG 35 is just another big target for the F 35. The F 35 's Pilots will be rolling the dice to see who will pull the trigger first.
- MiG-35 is equal to F-35 only if you shut down one of Mig's engines and fill the nose with lead ballast.