MiG's Revenge Terrorists in Syria Try to Shoot Down MiG but MiG Blast Them to Bits
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- when the DShK muzzle flash is larger than the guy shooting it.
- MiG 29 and SU25 now your god, murderers - terrorists...
- machine gun guy....thought of shooting the missile...realised he fucked up....
- Again with the snack bar
- Waste of a bomb.
- Shit nigguh
- Hahahahaha
- Don't worry, the guy was fine. His massive hair saved him, took most of the blow.
- These guys only know one saying "Allah Akbar". Every video it is the same thing, it does not matter what is going on. They sound like droning idiots. Watching the other side that at least are having conversations Etc. It is like the ignorance is all consuming. Some dumb animal matting call. Sad, very sad.
- good bye have a goid time un hell ala wint help yoy becayse he ia fake
- holy fuck
- jimmy hendrix experience Fire !!!!
- Stupid rats John McCain buddy's got som Allah fuckbar contest mo fo's
- Too bad snack bar
- Shut up with that annoying allu akbar......I hope all good country's unite against terrorism and give all those pigs the same fate
- Oh I love this sooooo much cant stop watching it
- That's what can happen with u after , u shooting at the Russian parashootist...
- +1 pilot. And i hope Russia gives Turkey and anyone else who supports this ISIS guys a a lesson they never forget!
- iwho doesn't love snackbars? and then an explosion...of flavours in the air.