MIKOYAN MIG 29M OVT Vectored Thrust Demo - Farnborough (airshowvision)
Odsłon: 927705
Czas trwania: 5m 53s
Ocena tzw. rating: 3321

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- Russian Air power far superior to European and American fact
- does this mig also use the fly by wire technology to keep itself stable at all times.....
- MIKOYAN ! best constructor !!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Very impressive pilot & machine. In want one.
- Really cannot wait to see the typhoon with thrust vectoring 😎😎😎😎
- Mock dogfight with an F-22 is what's needed..... Can someone set that up ??? Lol
- Russian aircrafts= real UFOs.
- US F15's defeated the Mig 29 in Iraq Dogfight..right now the F 15 eagle is still undefeated in real combat dogfights.
- boring compare to rafale solo display
- Turkish Airforce ...killed one at Turkish border....with F-16's...pilots are the main factors not planes...we got wolf instincts...
Tengri Türk Menen
- This plane shits on Tomcat or Eagle.
- 1:59 insane , your not suppose to be able to do that in a plane
- Why not have this aircraft do that kind of demo at AAD 2016 in sunny South Africa? People will love it.
- you are wright its not good its perfect :)
- A brilliant display and a video of excellent quality to do it justice! Perfect!
- ВКС России - лучшие! Мужики так держать!
- Meanwhile there are rockets (under the wings). Cunning russians - wanna bomb UK from the air show!
- unbelievable.  I love those back flips