Mikoyan MiG-35 Fulcrum-F Multirole Fighter
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Czas trwania: 2m 1s
Ocena tzw. rating: 133
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- the Fulcrum is the equal of the F15 strike eagle, I know because I have flown both aircraft.
- Wrong..The Mig-35 has enlargen wings and Radome. It also have increased fuel tank capacity over the Mig-29M2 and Mig-29K series. When the Mig-35 enter production it will have modernized MK-33mkm engines with increased TBO and thrust over the current engines. Note; the only Mig-29 to have more fuel, is the Mig-29SMT(UPG in India). With its brutal humpback design.
- the flight dynamic is the same as MIG 29 but i guess they have improve the avionics better than MIG 29.
- quant ont pense qu'un rafal coute 70 000 000 d'euros alors qu'il ne fait meme pas la moitier du mig 35
- mig 35 like good not better for air force united but it isn't money
- WOW, I like this aircraft.
- When was the last time a Russian jet dominated western aircraft?  Last time I checked, US built aircraft have completely destroyed Russian tech for the last 50 years.
- The Mig-35 is short (medium) range fighter and close combat.first of all.
The Su-35 is complete multirole and long range first of range.
- Greetings, how does this fighter compare to the typhoon and rafale? Also, is it better than the su35?
- Greetings from Greece . I salute the Russian technologikal advance .
- Дела говорят громче слов.
- bet you in the next 8-10 years they will have a documentary on this plane.
- Vive la Russie ! Hourra !