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szkolenia BHP

- the best of the classic fighter! - Serbia has only three - 29 'with a faulty installation.☺ Regards !!!
- The first plane is either a MiG-29M or MiG-29SMT.
- this is a Mig-29 !!
- did you guys noticed the back of the cockpit of the first mig its a bit different of the mig29 and 35? it looks like the fitted something in there
- Russian MIG aircraft is more for countries that do not have too much money or maneuvering space for stacking the army in the air !?
- F22 can destroy every mig 29 ,35 or su 35, 37. This planes are old and out of date with analog control in a digital era. If they are so sure about their fourth generation fighters why build the pak 50 , an ugly copy of yf 23.
- I kinda have to agree this plane looks vicious. Nothing friendly in its appearance! 
- it's not mig-35 it's a mig-29 SMT... ONE MIG-29 WITH NEW RADAR, ELETRONIC AND UPGRADE FOR ARMAMENT... IT'S NOT LAST VERSION OF MIG-29 IT'S A SIMPLY UPGRADE!!! The mig-35 today fly only russia
- f22 is superior. let the games begin.
- very interesting technology,my compliments to mikoyan. however i suggest that the russian government has fallen into the same mindset as the american forces of late-multirole fighter/bombers-which are far too costly to build,fly and especially maintain.
the usaf had more practical purpose built airframes in the past which were far more effective at supporting ground troops OR fighting opposing aircraft.
those two roles should be kept separate.
the aerodynamic challenges between low altitude attacks on ground targets and high altitude "top gun" intercept/interdiction dogfighting cannot be economically met with one single airframe.
the training is different, the wing configuration is different and optimal engine design are all different.
the 70's era saw the creation of arguably the best ground attack jet ever;the A10 thunderbolt and also the lightweight fighter development (but cancellation)of the deadliest dogfight/scramble interceptor ever designed, the F20 tigershark.
unfortunately it was the F18 hornet broadly chosen,each which costs more than an A10 and a F20 combined -to build, fly and maintain, but not nearly as effective in practical use.
the HARRIER AV8 was another development that filled a  useful niche in marine warfare for which the F35 vtol  is far too overpriced as a replacement.
- hooray, developed by an Armenian, and there are only 11 million of us in the world.
- Awesome jet :)
- Can you do a "Cobra" with a Mig 35???
- Damn! That's shit between half analog an one eight digital! Something the wright brothers used to fly!!
- i,am out of here to many  aviation experts wannabes or joy stick warriors
- Looks awfully heavy...very similar to the MIG-29
- Realmente para aviões a Russia é imbativel, ninguem faz aviões como os russsos....
- It was an Armenian who created mig jets for Russia (Artem Mikoyan) 
- mig-35 come to second party
- that 29 SMT not mig-35  -_-