New B-2 Stealth Bomber Air-to-Air Footage [HD]
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- If you've played war thunder that bomber looks a lot like the ho-229
- John Cena Bomber.
- it looks unreal
- Breathtaking...literally that's what i mean I might choke if you guys make video any longer.
- On top of being the most lethal bomber in the world, It must also be the best mental warfare device in the world.
- This is the most gorgeous/amazing/beautiful footage I have ever seen, words can not describe it, she is godlike.
- If this was built in 1987 imagine what they have now...
- Allien technology
- from 30 years and tell now its looks like UFOs its awesome
- هذه الطيارة التي ضربت ملجأ العامرية بي بغداد وراح ضيحتها قرابت ال 700 مدني بريء كل ذنبهم انهم فروا لهذا الملجأ لكي يحتموا من القصف الامريكي الغاشم على ارض من اراضي المسلمين ... فقط للتاريخ
- so silent, does it mean B-2 Stealth ?
and, why they don't try to put S-3/400 surface to air missile in this footage ?
- Let's see a video of the black triangular aircraft in action. And I'm referring to the ones capable of space flight, with the red lights on each corner that can hover in mid air. And I know You know what I'm talking about...
- Do boomers cost 2 billion dollars?
- Is it still pretty much undetectable by radar or radar technology has since progressed to somehow evade its stealth technology?
- this scares the shit out of putin
- Beautiful plane. I want one for Christmas.
- alien.
- when I was a kid I had one of these fly about 500 feet above my house, it was insanely huge and loud