Norwegian F-16 evades erratically moving MiG-31 during intercept
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urodziny dla dzieci

- And suddenly the Norwegian F16 cockpit started smelling like poooo.
- GUYS, YOU GOTTA GIVE THOSE POOR RUSSIANS SOME SLACK! Unlike American and NATO jets, Russian planes have angry bear cubs installed right next to the pilot seat to keep them on their toes. From my observation, you can clearly see the Mig-31 pilot fighting to keep his plane under control... after the cub bit off the poor man's virginity. That's a true test of manliness right there!
- Remember when that Russian mig shot down that f-16????,.....yea, me neither.
- un trucho video para que hable la giladad .
saludo sudacas del norte
- I just love western media when they talk abour reckless flying first was this Mig than a Su27 Flanker flew too close to the Nato spyplane heading for our borders sorry but its not Reckless flying its called Proffesionalism something you know nothing about Nato we don't fly like pussies and old ladies here we just show skill and laugh at you shitting yourselves! and crying about reckless flying while your pussies go for boring old lady bombing runns our pilots go trough aerobatics training so when the real shit hits the fan we know we gonna win this dogfight I guess the Mig pilot got alot of laughs after watching this vid and hearing the Nato pilot shitting his pants haha also Nato pilots should learn to use radar cuz if this one is real the Mig doesn't have stealth the F16 should have seen him comming a mile away
- So let me get this straight, Norwegians send F16 to "intercept" SU34s in international airspace, meanwhile it magically fails to notice Mig31 escorting them on its AGP68 (Meanwhle Mig31 has radar signature of Nimitz class carrier and he most likely wants you to know he is there coz he is God damn interceptor). And my ass he went on inercept mission with radar off, it would be in scan for sure one does not rely on ground navigation during intercept these days, its not 1965.
- reality...f 16 didnt know until the Mig was up his 6   he would have been one dead f 16 if it was real.
- Is it me or does the gears seem to be outside? At that height won't the Mig-31 have damaged it's gears?
- Not sure if Putin is playing Madman policy or just a madman.
- I fly jets in a video game and would never evade like that. Weird. I would have rolled right slightly and nosed down for a quicker evade and to keep visual. If that pilot evaded correctly why is real life so much different?
- Turn on the radar after he gets in front.... hehehe.  
- wow, shit He didn't even know he was there. The fuck was that norwegian bitch asleep or something?
- Rt said: the Norwegian pilot  didn’t know if  it was a mistake-  Russian Pilots don’t make a mistake - Douche bag 
- what a crappy dashcam ;-)
- nice try on the ruskies part for trying to flame out the F-16 by making it suck in MIG exhaust. too close for guns and missiles both planes would have been destroyed, hence why americans fly with wing men.
nothing erratic about the flights, everything was smooth and deliberate by both pilots.
- Это,вы, ещё наш "стройбат" не видели! Там вообще звери, им да-же оружие не выдают.)))

- Eat my exhaust, biatch!