Otto the skateboarding bulldog - Guinness World Records
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Zobacz i sam oceń czy warto skorzystać z lotniska.
- That is awesome!!😀
- crazy
- our cute dog, Morgan. she's waiting patiently for a "treat".
- офигеть я в шоке как он так сделал
- I'm wearing the exact same read shirt as the girl :P
- That's the best dog I've ever seen. Nevermind the skateboarding, that was cool too. But what a great dog.
- I would like to see that my self
- PERÚ <3
- Perú!!!❤
- Good for you Otto. Lets hope your owners finally come to their senses, and decide to cook and eat you.
- the dog almost fell
- omh adorable!!>~<
- I love after the record was broken that guy was still standing in the position like I'm ready for the 2nd and 10th attempt
- That's a cool dog
- they gave that stupid monkey and other dog a movie this dog deserves his own movie
- that was adorable
- me: trying to strap a hamster on a skateboard
- this reminds me of spongebob lol
- That dog should hang out with tony hawk
- This is absolutely brilliant.