Paris Air Show 2013 - Su-35 vertical take-off + Air Show (HD)
Odsłon: 4604095
Czas trwania: 8m 16s
Ocena tzw. rating: 14861
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- Very good, maneuverable like an old biplane.
- The only way to fly one of these is to sign up for the Russian airforce. you may have to give up your current nationality too, where's my fkn pen.
- Apart from T-50. Is this the best fighter Russia has?
- Impressive.
- Красавы!
- Speechless...
- Su-35 hope that Taiwan can buy
- Russian war concept and fight understanding simply beyond american's.
- This is simply a beauty of engineering! Wow!
- I niech amerykański syf pokarze coś takiego.
- Sukhoi is one of the best fighter aircraft, compares to him F22 and F35 looks like an old lady:) PS: performance too...
- Brazil should have bought the russian fighter jet...
- у китая 2 истребителя 5-го поколения, а они всё равно покупают у России су-35
- Ballet in the sky! Beautiful machine!
- This is not a plane - this is UFO!
- красавчег!!
- Thanks for shooting & uploading - amazing jet and pilot!
- it's some fatass bird,can't pulling it properly. 2 F-16 can easily terminate this bird in an ambush. such a waste. F-35 is a big ball if you compare with this.
- лепота