RAF Eurofighter Typhoon Cockpit View - takeoff, landing and flight over UK
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- Not so bad .... :-)
Are Eurofighters able to land on carriers?
- ...or the Bristol Channel ?
- Great ! I am very familiar with the area having lived in Hereford. Which base were you flying from ? There was a wide , muddy river towards the end .was that the Liffey (Liverpool) ? You sure we're flying in ridiculously tight quarters. Was that the purpose of the exercise ? My guess is that a lot of sheep and people wet themselves haha !
- Fantastic footage, watching it in HD. Like you're there.
- Mach Loop !!
- I really enjoyed watching this with the beautiful UK scenery, how I wish my eyesight wasn't crap stopping me going in the RAF when I was younger.
- Just a little jolly in the countryside, as you do! ^^
- Great video. Thanks for posting without spoiling it with rubbish music or commentary. It's like you're in the cockpit with the pilot which is the whole idea. 10/10!
- wonderful
- It's not easy to fly a plane
- Thanks for demonstrating, that you do not hear the engines... - while it was relaxing, it also was a little disappointing: it sounds a bit like my washing machine... - although tbh I don't know how that would sound from the inside ;-)
- Go RAF1
- Lol, I found myself leaning left and right as he banked hehe....
Amazing footage, thank you! 🇬🇧🇬🇧
- Totally awesome ! Was that the Lake District ? That last lake looked a lot like Buttermere.
- Agreed, very relaxing to watch but brilliant all the same. Thanks for adding it.
- super flight pictures
- nice job thanks for this. this is what make me proud to british
- What an amazing ride, thank you so much for sharing. x