Rare Footage Mig 29 Jet Shooting Directly at Cameraman (+Mig 23 Bombing Positions) - in Syria
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- 1:12 Allahu Akbar !!!!!!!!
- I probably wouldn't even notice the pee running down my leg at that point.
- Allah ackbar jajaja no saben decir otra cosa.
- allah al kabar is the only word these stupid muslims have in their lonely pair of neurons and then the last thing they've seen is a Mig 29 practicing duck shooting. xD
- 0:51
This is Mig 27 not Mig 29
- These are the types of people to drop a spoon and yell out ALLAH ACKBAR
- Guys, I think Allah Huackbar is one of the forbidden Harry Potter spells. I think it transports the soul of the dying caster into another person at random. This would explain how certain westerner's get the urge to join ISIS.
- hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
- ونعم الرجال.اشهد الله بأنكم رجال
- So I told Abdul to film the fucking Mig! And he did, the fucking madman.
- alah snack bar MF
- Shitty endcard my opinion but i started like that too. My end card was me pointing at annotations now its picture in picture
- allahaha snackbar
- that was righteous
- hahahaha! allfuck suckbar:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
- Jebote kakav pilot u uvoj 29-ki.Ovo je Top Gun live a Ivan je glavna uloga.
- at this moment (1:12) he knew he fucked up :D
- When these fukers die hope they're all in a burnin pit for eternity
- Allah Akbar english translation: "Holy shit!"
- Что это за придурки пишут свои идиотские комментарии. В Сирии нет Российских самолётов, Миг 29 и Миг 23, в сирийских ВВС есть устаревшие Миг 21 и Миг 23. На российской авиабазе самолёты только фронтовые бомбардировщики СУ- 24, СУ25 и СУ 34 и истребители перехватчики СУ 30 СМ. Не надо фантазировать и в том случае если информация об этом кому- то не известна.
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