RC ADVENTURES - Want to fly one of these? Radio Controlled Turbine JET - F-22 RAPTOR
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Czas trwania: 6m 35s
Ocena tzw. rating: 2564
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- Sounds exactly like the 22's that wake me up every morning!
- 대박.....
- 헐.....
- Got damn!, this thing is just Sexy and Epic!. Just the sound it makes every fly by is epic. Id love to fly one of these or perhaps something cheaper, cause I would fail hard on the landing part! LOL

but wow man, as it landed i am sitting and clapping my hands. That RC is epic!
- I wish I would have gave this guy my $10,000.00 for this jet instead of the down payment I put on my truck that wasn't needed:(    NEVER PUT A DOWN PAYMENT!  LOL
- at 4:14 what is the thing that flies across the screen horizontally
- Chemtrails!!

lol just kidding but in all seriousness were those vapor trails caused from its afterburners being engaged or were they just for show?
- That is one cool headed and skilled, difficult landing...
- He doesn't know how fast it goes cuz speed radars don't work on it.. its stealth! :DD
- Makes me want to build a C5 Galaxy. Never seen one in an RC form.
- attache some airsoft to it
- there's an SR-71, an F-22 Raptor, now how bout an A10?
- these guys are here being badass landing their awesome F22 when i always crash my RC heli against the roof :|
- Awesome! Ever try placing a GoPro on it?
- Calling it before this thing gets shot down by a REAL F-22
- Sorry to ask guys, but is this a kit? Jetlegend, Skymaster?
- landing like fake
- 10grand..... doesn't it get boring flying in circles after a while
- Maverick to Tower1 - Requesting Fly By