RC F22 Raptor Twin EDF Jet 2nd Beautiful Flight
Odsłon: 658083
Czas trwania: 6m 6s
Ocena tzw. rating: 645
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- What kit is this I've had one sold it on and wish I didn't but don't know who makes it
- no full throttle after flight. keep the speed manageable not fast
- Its faster than my Twister,.... damn,.... hehehehehe!!,... cool!,....
- Great video!  I used to love these when I was a kid but never could afford one, with my paperboy budget.  Your plane and flight control really looks fun, and brought back memories.  I'll do some research and hopefully buy one.
- F 22 raptor un mito una leggenda
- Hi, could you please let me know the used ESCs and the recommended battery you used for this plane?
- where dd you bought it? can you tell me where? thanks
- Can you explain what you meant by dual rates for the front wheel? 
- nice very nice
- how much you buy it ? pls send me the
link :)
- Nice plane, sounds like crap though...Check out some nice vids!
- woah...
- I would love to get that good, can you go to this plane after a high wing cessna trainer ?
- Usual problem, Music!
- I have noticed a lot of battery issues with folks that fly RC with them. I want to get in to the hobby but am not sure were to start. I fly rotor wing for a living and have been told start fixed wing RC first.
Thoughts any body?
- great channel