RIAT 2015 RAF EuroFighter TYPHOON
Odsłon: 30158
Czas trwania: 7m 37s
Ocena tzw. rating: 103
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- I was there
It was great
- Johnny
- amazing video capture.
- I see this everyday at work oh what a shame and for free
- great video work I'm a big fan of the typhoon and just hope the Shoreham disaster doesn't put the blocks on this .
- Loving that sound and the visuals - need to get to an air show again soon and see (and hear) some jets in the metal...
- Enjoyed this but can I give a little bit of constructive criticism
I really wish you would zoom out a bit
its nice to see the detail of the plane for a few shots but when zoomed in so tight all the time it's hard to get any reference to what the plane is doing in relation to the ground or any sense of speed.
(you can't really see how tight some of these moves really are because there's no frame of reference) it could have been filmed at 20000 feet and would look no different.
a big part of the airshow spectacle is how low these guys are flying.

composition still applies to video.. give the plane some space to fly in

(don't get me wrong i really enjoyed the video from a quality standpoint. and it was really nice for an aircraft geek like myself to see all the detail of the plane but i think a regular punter would get bored of it pretty quick)
anyways that's my tip of the day
- Good aircraft but the German pilots perform much better at air shows with EuroFighter than the Brits.
- Woooow! Bad ass \o/
- If anyone wants to dog fight against that I wish them good luck as that beast will out turn anything and hasn't been proved the most maneuverable aircraft for nothing, Russia don't test it, you see how good it really is 
- best display of the show tremendous G's
- How on earth does it stand the stresses of such incredible power?
- Saab Kraken of Swedish Royal Airforce
- Oh yeah!  Amazing!    - Russia: Don't... ;-)
- Great videos! I was there on saturday. Amazing display :)