Russia Airstrikes on Syria - Russia SU 34 Bombing Syria ISIS Part 3
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worki raszlowe
- daesh,usa,rusian,iran fuck you all, you'll be burn in hell forever.
- putin kills ziwilians in syria, not isis.
- I think the Russians should get serious and start using nerve gas on these cockroaches.
- Brawo Rosja lać tych jankeskich islamistów
- The USA's terror plot to destroy Syria will not have to be "won" by them lIke normal wars. They have already won by destroying Syria's infrastructure and economy. Removing Assad will only guarantee that there will never be a complete recovery. Russia would have to establish a protective force to be stationed indefinitely. They would also have to begin emergency rebuilding of factories, homes,etc. Syria couldn't ever function again without safety measures in place to protect them from outside interest that want them to be destroyed !
- Syria could set up fake anti-Syria recruiting centers that offer good pay,new uniforms, etc........and then shoot them !
- Russia will save the world
Russian bear awakes
God bless Russia
- this teaches me a lesson : Do not declare war against entire world unless you wanna be a target for weapon testing for preparing WW III
- We had to make the same video with comments about the terrorist attack in Paris, how is 6.00-7.25
- the Russians are cowards and so are the Americans for bombing people that can't even defend themselves it's like shooting fish in a barrel your bomb and people that have small arms and other things like that nothing that can defend from attack helicopters and make fighter jets and all the fancy stuff no using but they know they can't win a ground war against them because the men the fighting against have too much tenacity
- i dnt argue with zero history and zero on current event,,, what's out dude.
- way to go Mr.Putin..hell just nuke them all and let God sort it out the good from the BAD
- Thank you Putin for bombing Syria and the ISIS. Also the fighter pilots should bomb the refugee boats. These vermin are screwing up the European Union
- Allah at work
- allah is the whole reason for this bullshit. the moon god will not save anyone
- Islam is a cancer and Radiation is the cure!!! NUKE THEM ALL!!!
- i think this will be bad for both contrease russia and iran bcuse killing is killing people are not bad becuse boombing is not beater for civilyan
- Thanks Putin for the Job Obama didn't have the balls to do!
That's a man.
- Kill a ISIS & Save a Goat
- Just nuke those fuckers alrdy.... Get rid of those dirty goat fuckers....