Russia Mikoyan MiG-31 Foxhound Long-range interceptor
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Czas trwania: 8m 32s
Ocena tzw. rating: 266
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- Monster MiG-31 FoxHound counter intercept USAF estretegic bombers to destroy AWACS long ranger.
- if soviet pilot not highjacked the mig 25 and delivered to japan u.s has no f22 raptor 😀
- Top speed?
- Ох-ть машина,...
- Красавы, but i like more SU-34)))
- eski Sovyet dönemi tipsiz halk otobüslerine benziyor..uçağın yanlarındaki hava kanalları ise dah bir tipsiz yapmış uçağı..kolay av...
- it is a monster size and just park outside in the snow.
- Very very nice footage!
- лучшие!
- The MiG-25/31 was never intended to be an air superiority fighter. It is a missile-firing platform that is directed by ground control to intercept a target. The MiG-25 compromised everything for raw speed and climb. The MiG-31 is a much better balanced machine and can data link with a few other MiG-31's so that the individuals can access a huge multiple element array, common to the formation.
- Russian military aircrafts are all very beautyfull imo. Exept the Su 25 ;-)
- what a monster its my favorite plane yes it cant turn very fast and pull many g s but you can use superior speed and altitude and launch missles with more energy cause you fly faster and higher with its look down shoot down weapon system
- Лучший!!!!
- The MiG-31 is fast but it will damage its engines if it flies to fast and missiles can actually out speed even the Sr-71 and the MiGs incredible speed
- Would not want to be chased by one of those!
- turned a Foxbat into an F14 owing that it strikes targets furthur than contemperary missiles.
- Very capable aircraft, but against an F-22, meh.
- Hail the mighty BEAST!! these dimwit NATO bastards need to learn how to name a fine piece of KiloTon packing Hunter killer Aviation a little better. I would have code named it Mighty Thor, Thorzilla, O'great budda or something on those line, what the fuck is a foxbat, fucking code name the metroboy rafale foxbat or frogfoot. Suck a dick NATO! you piece of useless yesterdays bureaucracy
- I'm a fan of the Gripen-NG but lwatching this made me think how small they are compared to these MiG-31s, those air intakes could probably swallow a gripen each.. :D
- Pure Russian power !!