Russia Supplies Syria With MiG-31 Jets To Protect Syrian Air Space - Episode 743b
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- MIG 31 has the capability to shoot down satellites because it flies so high, do they need them in Syriya? No. There are no satellites to shoot down yet. SU30 and 34 do the job perfectly.
- Make no mistake that the 31 is a dinosaur but it is still effective. It is high flying, fast and carries a very large array of weapons. But understand that if things go hot these migs are easily destroyed. The standoff range of F22 and F15se is incredibly long compared to the mig31. Its all about "Systems" not speed and looks.
- WTF? There ARE Russian troops in Ukraine! Vice News proved it. Otherwise, good show.
- This is fake.
- Russia may be supplying the Syrians with Migs but… are they supplying them in sufficient quantities and are they being used effectively?
- The united states of roaches is destine to be EXTERMINATED.
- This kind of thing has happened before.
And you never know, because the PILOT at any moment, can turn out to the TOP KILLER from Russia, wanting some combat flight hours.

Americans: ENTIRE NAVY, all ships, submarines, pilots, ALL AIRFORCE...

they have no kills.
No aces.
NOT ONE captain has had a ship battle or fired a live torpedo.
they are PURE BOY TALK
Americans have ENDLESS boy talk... just ZERO aces
the BOY TALK that American pilots are good... really? I can't think of even one with an enemy kill - other than bombing BABIES in some peasant village, while they sleep...

Russian #1 pilot... in a Syrian mig...
watch out
- Let the free market do it's job. We dont need GMO labeling. Supporting local farms, shopping at farmers' markets, and being connected with your community about the best place to buy food removes the need to depend on government to mandate for us. Depending on the FDA for our food safety is no better than depending on the EPA to sustain our environment.
- Excellent Report ~ Thanks
- You said ISIS in your video. . . . YouTube will likely remove monetization from the video within a week or two. lol
- I really wish Dave would cover something about Taiwan for its strategic location and ECONOMIC, the second Greece is no shit for us.
- As a Taiwanese, I rarely heard about the protest of TPP, maybe main stream media in Taiwan removed them all since ROC gov't is complete puppet fot United states....
- women have the rite to choose but not choose what they eat
Now, we see the first media brainwashing, to pave the wave for a US attack against Asad's Syria. Oh, those pesky Russians are sending Mig fighters to Assad - what a bunch of warmongers ! NEVERMIND that the USA has been promoting the so-called "Arab Spring" thru the CIA, undermining strong Arab leaders and replacing them with either the military (paid by US bribes) or with weak civilian regimes which can't control the Islamic terror groups within. PLUS - the USA is the LARGEST arms supplier in the world - more than Russia & China combined. HYPOCRITES ! LIARS !
- The one problem with GMO's that is never mentioned is the pollution it causing in the rivers and other watlands.This is there biggest secret and the government is in on it !!!!!.Its all hush hush.
- WWW #3 is on it's way soon.
- One reason I love Scotland
- Obomba is gay, and Michael is running the white house, no wonder Putin is laughing at these compromised by bankster wankers... Skull & Bones Kerry & Bush repeat, Kill-ary "show us your closet" Clinton, Donald "duck" Trump, man It is better than "dancing with the stars" could ever be....LOL