Russian military expert about F-35 'Lightning II' (English subtitles)
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- It seems that the Russians working in US build F-35.
- A few comments mention that it would be great if Americans and Russians (or their respective governments) could get along.  I think we were headed that way until Putin decided to relive the glory days of the Soviet Union.  Russia, as a nation, seems to suffer from a kind of inferiority complex despite the fact that they have made amazing contributions in the arts and sciences.  I guess we need all the old cold warriors to die off before we can begin to build a relationship with each other without thinking "the enemy."  The truth is we need desperately to work together to solve world problems like terrorism, disease, and world hunger.
- +Buddy Christ
I can't reply to your comment for some reason, so I hope you read this.

You have wrong impression, that someone other than USA wants to be calling the shots. Nobody gives a shit. They just wanna be left alone. And if USA would have respected some of vital interests of other superpowers, it would have been still calling the shots. I wouldn't mind.
- Just spending money for the contractors and cover up corruption
- Is he really an expert or a guy who happens to speak Russian? Don't get me wrong I am just surprised how he is alive after praising US
- garbage.
The underlying assumption behind this is that it's necessary for high ranking officers, sitting scores of miles behind the front line somewhere, to tightly control the soldiers doing the fighting. "real time" as he puts it. lool
We're going back to ww1 and soviet early ww2 tactics
- I am one who believes the F-35 was built to track, store, and lock targets from the end of the runway, before takeoff. The experts are not privy to its capabilities, based on speculations and possible hacks. Cryptic changes in its architecture makes it invisible to enemy radar. Avionics packages based on theatres of operation and datalinks can shut down defenses. Speculation cannot determine what true hypothesis gathers.
- PROPAGANDA by Federation of Russia. . . T_T
- If america has the best military in the world...Why haven't they actually won one since WWII? Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Syria stand as stark examples of the us military machine being bogged down and looking for a way to leave "without their tails between their legs".

And lets not forget their failed military actions in Lebanon in the 1980's & the US led UNOSOM II mission in Somalia in the first half of the 90's. Anyone remember the events portrayed in Black Hawk down?.

From the end of WWII till recent times, the us did a lot better in Sth America by funding local terrorist groups to overthrow democratically elected governments they didn't like. No doubt their "school of the america's" had no role to play in the training of us sympathetic military leaders & potential brutal dictators in Sth America during this time. LOL

Surely american's remember ronny raygun's continued support of the Contra rebels in Nicaragua despite a us congress ban on further funding?

Ohh that's right....., he used them to funnel weapons to Iran to pay for the release of the us Embassy hostages (to honor the agreement the republicans made with Iranians in Paris before the election that gave ronny raygun the whitehouse by asking them to continue to hold the us hostages until after raygun won the election against the incumbent Democratic president Jimmy Carter). LMFAO

In it's ignorance, the us has spent trillions of dollars building a military that history has proven to be only useful in outdated standard warfare (i.e one army amasses & faces off against another army that has done the same thing). The world has changed and so has the way the disenfranchised choose to fight.

Now what did Bin Laden once suggest to his followers...."draw the us into a protracted & bloody conflict that they no longer have the stomach for". Anyone care to suggest that this has not been the case for any us intervention in the Muslim world in the last 15 years or so?
- Итак, я не знаю кто этот эксперт, несомненно это известный человек в узких кругах, однако странно, что он не знает следующее: "Те люди, что критикуют F-35" - это прежде всего Пьер Спрей, бывший член группы "Fighter Mafia". Именно это, скажем так, творческое объединение критиковало в своё время F-15. В результате того, что их доводы были правильными и убедительными, были созданы и современный F-16, и F-18, и, тут не буду утверждать на 100%, знаменитый Thunderbolt - A10. Подведу итог - таки эти люди в чём-то разбираются. И да, эта группа работала не только с \General Dinamics, но и с Lockheed и Boeing. As for me - я убеждён, что "русское оружие самое-самое". Но будем объективны - и по ту сторону Атлантики были мозги
- I call BS , The Russians know this airplane is Aweful so they would love to see it mass produced . Too funny !!
- да да у нево всё новое но и норвежские и американские пилоты говарят што это карыто. америкосы признают што этот тазик собёт дажэе убожэство типа миг -21
- There is one trump card that overrules the most powerful weapons systems and history backs it up. Russia's ultimate power play would be to field the ultimate elite assassination team. Their mission is to destroy the core of the Zionist Occupation Government Matrix. The Imperial War Machine derives its authority to act through ZOG and nobody else. We The Slaves are a joke to them and don't count for a damn thing.

That Matrix exists SOLELY to serve the Top 1000 billionaires, banksters, key campaign financiers, and professional warmongers. The entire matrix hangs from them like a chandelier hangs from a keystone in an archway. The masses are totally expendable, as well as their labors and property sacrificed to build the imperial war machine. ALL wars take place to fulfill their agenda and satisfy their balance sheets.

Russia's best hope is to field the ultimate assassination team to shadow the Top 1000 for the purpose of having a blackmail card. Not just the NATO elites themselves but, their bunkers and doomsday hideouts, as well.

Whether it is a good chess move to even admit the assassination team's existence is for Putin and Company to decide. When Washington provokes a serious diplomatic crisis, it may be time for Putin to announce Russia's power to destroy the core of the New World Order by taking out 3 or more key billionaires or campaign contributors at the very same time. As a further warning, the yachts, Lear Jets, island vacation homes, and even a massive arson attack on Bohemian Grove, could drive home the warning to make Washington back off.

If the warnings fail, and WW3 is imminent, Putin could give the Go Code to take them all out in a 1- to 2-hour time window. Any private doomsday bunkers should also be destroyed to prevent the predatory rich from escaping the blowback caused by their imperial war schemes. The successors and alternate trustees would sue for peace and call off WW3 just to save their own hides!
- Even the Russian Foxbat can go faster than the f35.. The f35 is a flop
- we are going like skynet in Terminator movies
- Guy looks like gold finger!
- Finally someone sensible. The F-35 is an ever evolving program just as Russia's new PAK FA will continue to make improvements. All these platforms should theoretically last your country's air defense for decades assuming you keep upgrading them as new technology is discovered. As an American I've been impressed how much Russia has been able to retro fit and update its older designs like the MKV Mi-24. The F-35 should potentially be a good semi-stealth vehicle for export especially for countries who simply dont have the military industry to design and build their own. I think MANY NATO designers are completely missing the boat on Sukhoi's ingenious rear facing module for electronic equipment or potentially additional counter measures.
- There are no English subtitles. Please add to your videos.
- I heard this guy to say that the F-35 is a good plane, he is a Russian expert.