Russian SUKHOI SU 35 performing COBRA MANOEUVRE Awesome pilot skills
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- Incredible Russian weaponry especially made to bomb Syrians in Aleppo. Congrats Vlad!
- this a nice Jet.
- Superbe démonstration et superbe appareil.
- trash
- Haha! THE DAMNED SHIT SINKS !!!!!! Load that piece of shit up and let's see how it crashes! Great for shows, reality is way less pretty russians! "good luck"
- The first week of the exercises pitted the Su-30, which NATO calls the Flanker, in a series of aerial dogfight scenarios. First, there were 1 v 1 encounters, where a single jet of each type engaged each other in Within Visual Range (WVR) combat, firing simulated missiles to a range of two miles. The exercises progressed to 2 v 2 engagements with two Eurofighters taking on two Su-30s and 2 v 1 exercises where two Sukhois took on a single Typhoon and vice versa. Notably, in the exercise where a lone Su-30 was engaged by two Typhoons, the IAF jet emerged the victor 'shooting' down both 'enemy' jets.
- In all dog fighting exercises, IAF Sukhois were able to turn sharply into the extremely agile Typhoons using their thrust-vectored engines to keep the RAF jets locked in their sights. The Su-30's advanced Infrared Search and Track System (IRST), a passive sensor, which cannot be tracked, proved to be a distinct advantage for the IAF's pilots in close-combat maneuvering. Both the IAF and RAF used the full capabilities of their onboard radars, albeit in training mode, which meant that actual radar frequencies used in combat conditions were never exposed for confidentiality reasons. However, the detection ranges of the radars of both aircraft were not curtailed per se. This was air combat as close to the real thing as possible.
- The Cobra Maneuver is not Russian, it was first done by NASA Vista F16 program in 1982. Thats right its not Russian we were performing cobra maneuvers in 1982. Look it up...
- what are the main differences between this and the mig29?
- That's unbelievable !!!!!
- he plays with sukhoi like a a boss
- suhoj Su35 leopard najbolji na svetu
- The maneuverability is amazing, but perhaps more remarkable is that they have engines that seem to be unstallable. Air keeps rushing in the front even when the plane is slipping backward. This allows it to recover from what would otherwise be a dangerous flat spin. And they have enough thrust (at least without a weapon load) to do essentially any maneuver the pilot can envision. Pretty much impossible to beat for an air show. Hats off to those who designed and built it.

How well it does in combat depends on how its combination of radar, missiles and defenses compare to the enemy's radar, missiles and defenses. Let's hope we never have to find out in a shooting war.
- This maneuver is out dated and useless! Unless showing off at an air show! The plain is pretty horrible as well!
- this is not su 35 it is su 30sm. see the front litle wings? they are on 30sm or su37
- Эй чудаки...а,пО-Русски СЛАБО...аки Ф небе...точь слабо...))))
- American military is only show heros....Real heroes of the world is the RUSSIAN ARMY...salute to the Russian soldiers*****5 STAR
- Best plane on the Earth!!!!

Long life to Russia,and Vladimir Putin!!!

Death to USA DEMO-N-KRACY!!!!!
Hello from Serbia to all Russian brothers and sisters!!!!