Su 30 SM
Odsłon: 29329
Czas trwania: 2m 25s
Ocena tzw. rating: 272
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doradztwo rachunkowe
- for me , su 30 is the most beautiful plane of world, love it
- It's like an air bender😍
- Any way for this to be updated for 1.5? Thested the Su-30M and it works fine but no external model. Same for Su-30SM but flight model of it is glitchy.
- Молодца!
- Это мод.
- Apparently Iran is interested in buying a large number of these.
- Is this mod available for DCS 1.5, because the mod on Wings of Russia doesn't work, model doesn't display.
- подскадешь где скачать?
- Я конечно знал, что Су-30СМ маневренный, но чтобы настолько...
- Его же нет в игре?
- Does anyone know how to get this mod working in DCS 1.5??? :)
- DA!!! Beautiful!!!
- Is this DCS or FSX??
- Sweet!!! Where can we buy it? Or download it?
- This sukhoi could be a formidable oponent for F-15SE 
- Only link i found was in Russian and I can't read it. Any ideas? I'd love to try this plane out.
- Алексей, подскажи, пожалуйста, саундтрэк из  клипа?!
- Отличное видео и модель, жалко пока не реализуемость, борт засекречен РЛЭ недоступно, а очень бы хотелось в DCS данную птичку
- Yea!!! Fuck you F-15!!!