Su-47 vs F-22 Raptor
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- у су-47 гигантское преимущество он маневренней
- The hyper complexity of war machines has reached a plateau, where any further development will only yield the tiniest gains and which can't justify the expense. There is ONE WEAPON that Russia will have to develop and be prepared to use first. A weapon that trumps ANYTHING that ZOG-NATO can come up with. A weapon that attacks the Deep Core of the ZOG-NATO Matrix. The masses are expendable to the Deep Core because everything exists entirely for the Top 1000, their primary beneficiaries, and enablers.

The Ultimate War Weapon is for Russia to create an elite assassination team. Their sole mission is to find and shadow the Top 1000 (ZOG-NATO's banksters, key billionaires, Super Jews, and professional warmongers) for the purpose of arresting events that contain an unacceptably high risk of WW3.

Because We The Sheep are completely expendable, the deaths of 330+ million of us in a nuclear war will not stop WW3 from going to the bitter end. The ONLY WAY to stop WW3 is for Putin to *GUARANTEE THAT THE TOP 1000 WILL PERSONALLY PAY WITH THEIR LIVES AND PROPERTY* ...and... he must be willing to do it if ZOG-NATO instigates a diplomatic crisis designed to goad Russia into starting WW3 or, if Israeli Mossad stages another 9/11 false flag stunt to blame Russia. Putin might even be able to issue an early warning by exterminating a dozen key billionaires at the same time, immediately following a geopolitical stunt by Washington. As a further warning, the Lear Jets, yachts, and "doomsday" real estate held by the Top 1000 can be destroyed, with anti-war warnings left behind.

If Washington doesn't react the right way, down go the rest and as many of their associates as possible. After about 4000+ dead elites in a 24-48 hour time window, the successors will sue for peace. They WILL stop WW3, regardless of where things are at the time!

It's very unlikely it will get that far. The rest will be terrified and use their power to stop any further agitation of Russia! ONLY THE TOP 1000 has the power to STOP WW3 in its tracks and they will do it JUST TO SAVE THEIR OWN WICKED HIDES!
- I like F22, but I from Russia - I prefer Su 47
- 10,000 more ruso su-47 the gabachos ''gringos'' just fight vs 3rth world, why not fight vs rusia ? ass kisser
- earlier russia is better than western. today look hand by hand. missile russia is better
- Беркут просто завораживает....Красавец..
- f-22 speed 2,400 km su-47 speed 1,990 Km
Stealth of the f-22 is over 59 %
The SU has a stealth over 40 %
- Even SU-35 is better than F-22
- russia!!!!!
- 5 Most dangerous fighter planes in the world is Rafale, Jas 39 Gripen, Sukhoi Pak Fa, J-20 and F-35 :p :)
- Что-то у Америки очень дорого все получается, а эффиктивность на уровне наших су-30, кто больше ворует на госзаказе? LOL
- дерьмо американское
- F-22 is the superior plane and the Russians know it... That's why they're always trying to compare their hopefuls to the F-22 and F-35. Russians build awesome jets, and the most beautiful jets....
- It looks like a big bad version of the US X29 that came out in the early 80s. The X29 required three flight computers to keep it stable and is had some very unique unstable flying characteristics. The SU47 really looks cool.
- I hate this Music Ewww its just like the original basic youtube music it should be banned
- \(^0^)/
- Watching this,
I perfectly understand that mankind could and should create more better things,
then a WAR!
Peace to our small Planet Earth!
- su 47 is a flying laboratory only to try new tehnology. who would ever comper them? stop that.
- Don't forget that America set the bar creating the first generation 5 fighter (F-22). Naturally the next to follow will be better in some way. Americas next fighter will again set the bar. In the end it comes down to the pilot.