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terapia małżeńska warszawa
- Exatic. Su 24 not Su 30. Sorry. Rss
- Rafale forever !!!
- American Discovery channel said russian jet is better
- The producers of Too Fast & Too Furious still nego with Putin to using this beast for the next movie...
- F16 turkey shoot down SU30 bomber, missels AIR to GROUND. Not SU35, dogfigther
- SU-35 & 37 are excellent, but SU-50 is simply beautiful & perfect!
US Air force's codename for it is: U.F.O.!
- hh
- So many people here who say shit about stuff they really barely know about xD
- Worst song ever!
- F-22 is a stealth fighter, so it may not have the most firepower and tons of rockets. But, its speed and agility win the battle, fastest fighter around, top speed 1,500+mph
- how to start a flame war
1. say your opinion
2. wait and see all the idiots say: you fucktard the other o e would destroy that pice of shit.

BTW i like the f-22 the most i think its a beast and im a rasist on russia. now hate all you want i dont care
- If Russia was to go against the US, we would use our F-16s and F-15s to take out the SU-35s... Our F-22s and F-35s are not purpose built for dogfights. Though they are more capable than the SU-35 for other types of missions. Remember when Turkey shot down a Russian SU-35? Well Turkey shot down that Su-35 with an F-16, there's my proof of that the US and other country's have a capable Jet Fighter and we don't just use the stealth fighters...
- Everyone who has little interest in the aircrafts knows, that the SU - 35 does not currently compete. Even the US government knows that the F22 is not worth producing, so they stop that. And the F35 is overpriced, bad step .
- F22 Raptor is the best...
- russians are stupid fucking cocksuckers hating on Merika. dumb fucks will never be as great as us...step on the moon before you ever talk shit...
- Guys who cares witch one is better XD there all so cool and high tech
- Bf 109-F4 🙌🙌🙌
- su35 very good
- F 22 are so cool !!!