Sukhoi Su-35 and family - The best fighter aircraft ever build
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oprawa muzyczna
- the design of sukhoi r the best in the world, these plans looks really good, extraordinary
- Nice plane but pointless movements in this day and age when it comes to missiles. Rather like tanks. Great for fighting against 3rd world countries, however, the influx of modern anti Tank and aircraft defence systems will deem Middle East conflicts impossible to defeat. History repeats itself.
- Beauty
- its like falconry, God bless mother Russia!
- this is fucking AWESOME !!!!! King of the Sky is here right other fighter can do this !!!!!!!!!
- E vêm nego falar que caças americanos são melhores.... Russia is the best!
- why didn't the plane stall
- Fast and the Flightiest: Moscow Drift.
- Долго еще ПАК ФА дорабатывать будут? (((
- What the fuck is gravity and physichs again? This plane shits on reason and logic. Hats of to the designers and engineers, well done.
- 苏 35
- Only from Russia
- sky algeria you like russian planes, but you cancelled the order for the newest MiG29
- Well tis the season to be
Jolly.If want to keep flying stay away from US and NATO and Turkey.
- A double back somersault by the SU-35.....and a 360 degree horizontal spin by T 50/PAK FA. Never seen before moves by a fighter jet. Simply amazing.
- The U.S spends 7 times as much as Russia on it's defense budget, and yet the Russians still come out with a better plane (from an aerial performance standpoint). The F-22 has superior technology and electronic systems, but the Su-35 sure looks a lot more nimble in the air.
- I want to have sex with a SU-35 sooooo badly
- nice video
- Ну что можно сказать, при таких перегрузках любой другой самолет бы просто развалился(((
- Omg man this jet its so beatiful