The B-2 Stealth Bomber
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Dmuchane Atrakcje Łódzkie
- The most advanced aircraft known to the public, but not the most advanced that we have.
- Angular and Secular Architecture. Impressive but chump change tech from a distant. . .
- well, stealth are recognisable by russian far away. only a business thing for corrupte
- tec stilted from nazi
- good
- Shot down with what ?
- In serbia 1999 one F 117 and this plane was shot down
- hi apollo how are u
- l0l such a waste ..
- awesome 40,000 lbs of nuclear bombs...lets start in Afganistan as a little demonstration for the rest of the wragheads
- Mr Texas Ray....
You make the jewelry as much you can............. we make necks.....
- The real Invisible kind is gold coated all over, and Trompo
l'oeil Clear, plus radar jam.
- ty for le upload
- For Tamara radar(Made in Czechoslovakia1988)stealth technology is not problem.
- lord of the sky
- I always have to think at the Horten 229. But with the passive radar it is possible to detect a B2
- why does the program have to be black?
- I want see B-2 in a FlightGear Video !!!!!!!!!!