The C.A.B. Show - F-35 Lightning II vs. Pierre Sprey... Who's the REAL Turkey?
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- The idea that the F-35 can replace the A-10, AV-8B, F-16, and F-18 is complete nonsense. What we will get, is degraded air capability in every area. The F-35 can be summed up as to much to soon, very difficult to maintain at a high degree of readiness.

The ability to land vertically ruined this airframe design, that's why the Russians abandoned it to a museum. They will build about 500 before they admit it can't do the job.
- I got pissed off just looking at the shit X-32.
- Its funny how they say "If the F-35 is so crap, then why are Israel and South Korea going to buy it" Haha yeah. Cause Israel and South Korea are entirely in USAs pockets, arent they. If you look at the countries that have committed to the F-35, they are ALL expressing distrust in that they will get their planes on specc, on price and on target. They are ALL disappointed and MOST countries have either pulled out entirely (such as Canada, Australia and Netherlands are on hold) or severely diminished their order of planes down from typically 20-30, to 4-5.
- Arg i spent so long watching and its just spouting nonsense. the F15s BVR kills may have also been WVR kills if they couldnt engage in BVR so its simply odd to say they would have 70% less kills without BVR. Also Spray isnt saying that the f15 isnt better at hunting inferior aircraft in small numbers, when he says combat he means a war. In a war large numbers of aircraft close, maneuver, loss energy and end up in a ball of chaos. It is this that drives Spray and Boyd to prefer many light weight aircraft, nations at war is how they consider a planes usefulness.
- Boyd was not disgusted with the f15 itself but is widely stated to have been upset with the the concept of the f15 preferring instead lightweight aircraft i large numbers. You can read this in Robert Corham's biography of Boyd.
- So far Pierre Sprey been proved completely right f35 joint strike fighter doesn't work so far it as cost the British and American taxpayer $1 trillion and still it is not ready for operational combat even the BBC now it's that it doesn't work please see link below in the British case we have two new aircraft carriers with no aircraft to put on the aircraft carrier is why because we bought f 35 we could have brought the French Raphae for half the price or the Saab sea Gripen that would have flown off,the aircraft carriers very easily but now stuck with this piece of junk. Just because a person appears on rushing to day doesn't mean to say they are wrong in fact perhaps it's because Russia today is the only program that will give them airspace which is a sad sad comment on you Tube.
PS I don't think royal United Services Institute (RUSI).
There is a Russian propaganda organisation.
- So, they lose the war game beaten hands down by the Russian sukhoi 4th gen, and your "findings" say what now? Turkey for the f35 melon stands.
- The commentator of this video is quite clueless about the subject it discusses. He misinterprets almost everything he mentions. For example he knows almost nothing about John Boyd and the development of the F15 and F16. Perhaps some trips to the library would be useful.
- Multi-role aircrafts are doomed ? LOL!!! What a stupid statement. Believe me : every French engineer working for Dassault or Airbus knows that Sprey is a pompous asshole who doesn't know what he's talking about. Glad this old turkey keeps pouring is non sense on the other side of the Ocean... I won't be surprised if he starts soon to support North Korean nuclear tests or pretends US never went to the moon. This is the kind of troll this asshole is able to produce.
- Your wrong on the capability of multi role aircraft. These aircraft have been successful because they have never been pitted against a modern capable and motivated opponent. Flying ground support missions against donkey riding Taliban does not make a great aircraft, you could fly a Cessna on these missions and call it a success.
- You can say what you want about Sprey but the raw data for the F35 speaks for itself, can't climb, can't turn and is too slow and nothing is going to change that.
- "Really Sprey, you´ve got to stop calling everything you don´t like a turkey. You sound like a child!"
Meanwhile the narrator here is swearing non-stop and resorting to ad-hominim attacks constantly. Not to mention that his support for the ultra expensive plane is based on highly selective parameters which don´t take into account what the future of air combat will most certainly look like in the not to distant future.

America and her Western allies have successfully painted themselves in a corner in terms of trade, power projection, demographics, monetary policy, you name it... In terms of their relations with the rest of the world we have long past the point of being proactive and have become reactive. It is obvious to many that we are woefully overextended and devoid of a long term mission or vision. The rest of the world is quite tired of our footprint extending far beyond what our resources and potential would dictate in a more balanced, multipolar global enviroment.

Look, in WWII the Luftwaffe lost air superiority not because the Russian Yaks outclassed the Messerschmits but because they greatly outnumbered them. For the cost of building one of these F-35s the Chinese can build 10 to 15 of their j-10s and that is a very conservative estimate. The real number may be closer to 30 to 50 j-10s per F-35... In a recent wargame set in the South China Sea. the US side, deploying F-35s lost air superiority quickly and decisively. These programs waste money and don´t make any sense! They are game levelers for our adversaries who possess meager resources in relation to our own. Given today´s economic and geo-strategic realities I think war betwenn the west and east is already baked into the cake and I think our defeat is too, especially with programs like the F-35...

The question isn´t can the F-35 do all its brochure says it can do. The question is even if it can do all that and more will it be enough to neutralize five times as many Migs and 15 times as many j-10s??? The answer is clearly no! Numbers count! A great quote from a German general... "The Tiger tank was worth 4 Sermans in the field of battle. Unfortunately for us our Tigers often went into battle against five or more..."
- I agree the F-35 is a capable aircraft but you may want to take back what you said about the fire suppression system using inert gases such as hydrogen. Hydrogen is far from being inert.
- Pierre is simply playing on the public backlash over ever increasing military expenditures during a recession.
- Don't believe anything what Russians say...
Just watch airshows and see how pathetically Mig35, Dassault Rafael and Sukhoi su 35 perform....they just can't go straight, the pilot flies their plane to a certain distance and suddenly all these planes take a sudden turn, instead of going forward some planes like Mig 35 take a vertical climb just after take off, Dassault and Mig sometimes start flying upside down and the pilot can only fly them in returning direction and the worst of all is that PAK FA which does this silly thing like it suddenly gains momentum and keeps speeding in a direction when suddenly it applies breaks to itself in air, yes i said BRAKES and the plane just shifts froms its position to a higher one....those Russians even have a name for this move they call Pugachev's Cobra, i mean it just cannot get absurd then that.

Now Take the marvel of defence creation that is F35....

It never changes direction...
It just can't wrong itself with a "sudden turn"...
It just sails in long circles so smoothly that even the enemy pilots will feel this burst of humility gushing in just watching the buttery smooth, calm flight of F35...
F35 is Fucking healthy, i mean like a real fat fucking American, not like those skinny Mig's of SU 37's from Russia.

And most important of all...

F35 is a stage for America's next multirole fighter, The Deppelin1x, that's a Zeppelin with a "D" cause what the fuck is maneuverability in 2015 who needs it in 2015 when BVR missile have a successful target rate of 17%, its sinful to ask for anything more
- I cannot believe that the engineers at Lockheed with help of the British have forgotten how to make Superior aircraft. If history is used to determine whether this jet will succeed, I would bet on it being a great plane. Thank you for defending this Jet. I don't know what Pierre Sprey's motives are in putting this aircraft down. It will succeed.