The F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet
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- Good documentary. Thumbs up.
- Dude landed that thing with one wing ripped off? LOL that is insane. Wonder if that expensive F22 can even do that.
- Fucking propaganda !!! And 9/11 was an inside job !!!
- so we took cues from mig 25 foxbat?
- so we took cues from mig 25 foxbat?
- Yes, the standard F-15 IS better than the baseline Mig-29, BUT THAT'S BECAUSE THEY PLAY COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ROLES.

The F-15 is meant to be SOLELY an AIR SUPERIORITY fighter; it was designed to be the best plane the U.S. could afford in a dogfight (prior to the development of the F-22), and as a result, it is FAR more expensive than the Mig-29. For instance, in 1998, each F-15 cost $27.9 million, while each Mig-29 cost around $11 million.

Also, while the F-15 has been constantly updated by the U.S. and its allies to maintain its role as the best fighter for plane to plane combat, later variants of the Mig-29 has been designed as MULTI-ROLE fighters, meaning that the Mig-29 now focuses more on operational flexibility, rather than solely on dogifhts between fighters.

The F-15 costs more than TWICE that of the Mig-29, and was designed SPECIFICALLY to beat other planes in a dogfight; if the Mig-29 turned out to be better, then that would mean that the F-15 really fucked up. So when you compare the usual F-15 to the Mig-29 in terms of dogfight (fighter vs fighter) capabilities, of course the F-15 would have the advantage.

So stop comparing the F-15 and the Mig-29: they fulfill different roles, and are in DIFFERENT leagues in terms of costs.
- The Saudis are domnating Mideast skies for a while, untill the Russian supported iranian and syrian with S 300 and s 400.
its time to support the Saudies with F 22 or the communist will dominate the world .
- This pilot chick in the beginning of the video Christine Callaghan is now an F-35 pilot. And she loves every inch of it.There are a few video clips on YT with her explaining stuff about an F-35 to general public. P.S. She's kind of hot too, not a classic beauty but still hot (i guess its the uniform LOL).
- tomcats can fight against sukhoi 27 and i guess this too
- boo
- Nicee
- I hope you called Lee? Pretty Douche to just leave him hanging like that...
- Xuinya!
- The F-15 is an awesome plane! Its my favourite American plane!
- One wing now that's a badass Jet!!!
- No mention of the F-14 that's pretty odd.
- F-15 is a major distributor of Mig parts LOL
- For those maniacs of the Islamic State the F-15 is the silhouette of freedom.
- no ce de que ablan jijiji
- F15 của Mỹ đẹp.