The F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet
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- the only way the f-22 can perform any dogfight is to simply use japanese pilots that crash into the other plane!
- the best bvr fighter and most advance aircraft ever.
- nice.
- my dream plain..
- Can it bomb hospitals and drop arms supplies to terrorists ?
- om just sayin.. i mean the raptor is bad.. but it just dont impress me, if i could get to ride in one... id pick the su-35, that camo on it and the maneuvers it does iz just friggin impressive... i dig the f-15 eagle too... its undefeated.
- fear the russians and the su35 the f22 is a jet the u.s cant afford nor is it all that great... just sayin.
- 480 rounds? 100 rounds a second? So, it will only fire for 4 seconds?
- Best fighter plane in the world. Pissed me off when congress stalled its funding. Also need new versions of the A10 warthog. Best fighter jet and best ground attack planes. Greatly needed these days.
- Only the Nokia3310 can destroy F 22 raptor... 
- The F-22 is cool, sleek and deadly but not enough were built to replace the F-15s and its out of production for no reason
- I want to fly a F-22 raptor. It has always been my dream. Please can i join the U.S military just for the raptor :(!!!! it has my fave number!! and fave dinosaur. That is why I want to fly one :'(
- So in four and three fourths of a second all the bullets it would fire would be gone
- So it's out of close AA rounds in 5 seconds? lol
- I don't understand how the airplane can be stealthy if its nose is not pointing at the enemy radar. From the moment the enemy has more than one radar, each in different places, the airplane can not be invisible to them.
- f22 is beast,fuck the rest North America FTW, our pilots will rape air superiority.
- No matter how great it is, u still can't charge an iPhone in it.