The F-35 is a TURKEY the experts say!
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- 385 mil for one? Wow! Actually that figure is for 20 year life cycle but still...
- Basically instead of improving the F-16, they wanted to please everyone and messed up a good thing... Tsk, tsk, tsk

KISS = keep it simple stupid.
- Every country with a vested interest in it's future needs to invest in itself and produce it's own weaponry.
- stealth dose not make you invisible if you fly to close to a detecting system you will be seen this was always the case for any stealth are craft it simply makes the air craft harder to detect but not impossible
- Lockheed is the only one happy in this contract what waste of money. time to invade another country for cash lol
- the Canadians cancelled the arrow program because the Soviet had infiltrated it so the destroyed the planes and the production too...but all this never made a difference the still used the information the stole to make the foxbat
- First thing, Sprey did not on the design team for the F-16. He was just a part of a group that came up with the concept of a light fighter. He was not on the design team. As far as the A-10 goes, all he did was lay out the mission parameters. Also the A-10 has been the most shot down plane in the last 20 years. That type of CAS aircraft isn't useful anymore. He's thinking in the past and has no comprehension of modern warfare. Everything he said about this plane has been debunked. He even called the F-15 too heavy and full of "junk" and it's been the worlds most successful fighter aircraft. So this man sells himself out to interviews acting like he knows what he's talking about when in fact he doesn't. The sensor capability of this plane and it's situational awareness along with it make this plane, if the tech turns out to be reliable, the safest aircraft for a pilot ever created.
- I'm not sure people understand what this aircraft actually does. It's not a "fighter jet" but a sensor and weapons platform. They aren't meant to dogfight

Stealth is a marketing term like "fast". Stealth aircraft aren't invisible they just have a small radar signature. Like "fast" the term is relevant to the era. A mosquito bomber was the state of the art stealth aircraft in wouldn't come close today.

My problem with investing in this very expensive weapons platform is that you have to buy into the idea that the battlefield network of radar and communication is going to stay intact during a war.

If I were an enemy war planner I would be on one hand frightened by the idea of an all seeing aircraft that is difficult to detect and fire on but OTOH if you can hack into their network or jam their signals you've just renered these aircraft defenseless against planes that can dogfight.....and we all know that computer networks always work flawlessly and can't be hacked.......right??? These planes and all the radar, satellite, AWACs etc are in constant communication and soak up data from the battlefield. Hopefully there are no viruses in that data.

This could be the future of warfare or it could be the USA's Maginot line......the Maginot line was a series of strong points and forts that the French built at great expense after WW1 to defend against the Germans. The line was considered impenetrable and state of the art in 1939 and indeed the Germans couldn't penetrate them so they just went around them and the rest is history.

Hopefully Russian EW and cyber warfare technology isn't good enough to blind the F-35's but we'll never know that until shots are fired in anger.
- The radar cross-section of a big pin, the IR signature of a small sun. :P
- Фашистской России конец!
- What people don't understand is that the F-35 is never alone, it is connected with satellites, other radars, etc. If you are talking about dogfighting, according to the creators the F-35s missiles do all the turning, not the jet. If you compare with other jets such as sukoi, you need to point the jet to the enemy jet in order to lock on. While the F-35 has full 360 view to lock on, you can even look through the jet and lock on. Another thing people tend to forget is the big air power of the US, largest Air Force on planet : US Air Force, second largest : US Navy. This means that the F-35 is never alone and making up scenarios with ONLY the F-35 is incorrect. Even if all the jets in the US sucked and they all fought with all of Russian jets, the missiles would outnumber the jets by a crazy amount.
- Funny how the people who say this have never flown it, didn't design or build it and have no hands on encounters with the airplane. They just hear things that they heard from a friend of a friend.
- the last simulation cought me. How can Canadians desestimate this project? It is amazing. I hope one day it will fly again and beat the sh*t out of any other aircraft in sky.
- Experts,, what experts? Reading all this nonsense about the F35. It's funny how everyone suddenly are experts on military warplanes. Its the same story.. the less you know, the more sure you are of everything between the earth and moon. Why not ask the pilots or maintenance engineers who are currently beeing trained on it all over the world? They tell a completly different story. I know, because I'm one of them. If its too expensive? That's an entirely different question
- that (single) engine better not break down...8/
- funny how Russian experts say it's a game changer and they can't compete and the usa say it's shit not working won't fly right bla bla,
- Impressive 1.6 mach, Mig-21 from 1956 can do mach 2.0 :-)
- Its such a piece of shit... I think its a cover to funnel money into secret projects...
- The most expensive Design Failure in modern military history Biggest profits in modern history.