The F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet
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- Good perfect
- i want one.
- The United States Air Force, the most technologically advanced and capable air force in the world, and the United States Navy, the second most technologically advanced air force in the world, have no fucking idea what they are doing. It's that dude on Youtube, he's the one who knows that the F-35 is a POS. Send that man to the Pentagon I say, they just have to hear this revolutionary piece of analysis!!!
- very bad ass,great technology, keep up the good work!!!
- Only one engine.  Just like the F-16.  A lawn dart.
- The russian PAK FA is better!
- Garbage?
- When it will be tested in Syria and iraq?.
- It was estimated that US war aircraft would remain the most technologically advanced until at least the middle of the 2020s, when this plane was funded--yet another generation of technology.

The primary motivation behind development of this plane was to enrich America's war industries. The Generals and Admirals who pushed for this opulent toy of excess did so because that is there role in life. They are the inside men in the military-industrial complex. Congress went along because a share of the profits will be kicked back to congressmen in the form of campaign donation.

The loser in all this? You! The taxpayer. Your government is now mined like a natural resource by people who invest in it for a return.

Can say, "I'm a sucker and a fool," because you are.
- why those planes
- But when a country buys this Russia gets nervous and increases military actively yeah you fear this plane but say its rubbish
- beautiful jet.
- F-35 - a trillion dollar disaster.
- eh
- ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲
▕╭┻┻┻┛┗┻┻┛ ▕ ╰▏
- su47 best all su
- Why will they export the F-35 to America's allies? Is the F-35 not the latest in combat avionics? Sure they are allies, but that can change at a moment's notice. The F-22 isn't for sale and it's not even in production anymore. Why export your newest and most hi-tech jet?
- After hundreds of billions of dollars and more than 20 years, we have yet to field one combat-capable plane in the F-35 program, and when we finally do it will not be able to fulfill its mission of maintaining U.S air-power dominance. In contrast, the F-16 program, from the time of its inception, including a competitive bakeoff, to initial operating capability took just five years. For $400 billion — the current estimated acquisition for cost for 2,457 F-35s – one could buy a powerful mix of some 5,000 air-superiority and close-air-support fighters sporting world-class weapons systems. Yet despite the disaster that the F-35 program is, the United States Congress continues to fund it.

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- a question, Russia say this plane is total rubbish, if Russia really think that then they would be telling all of their enemy's you need to buy this plane. anybody???