The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor - World's Deadliest Jet Fighter Plane - Documentary Films
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- You can buy 9 f-16 to 1 F22.
- How many missles? and guns?
- Strange how the terrorist Reagan had issues with Russia shooting down a Korean airliner but had no issue with the United States killing 290 people when it shot down an Iranian passenger plane in 1988. Not to mention he was violating American and International laws by supplying mass murdering rebel in Nicaragua who were slaughtering villagers throughout the countryside. Probably the worst and most dishonest president we have had.
- Dear Asus.... I know more about fighters than you might realize, the F22 numbers means that it will have one of the shortest lives in the inventory due to simple attrition. With just six squadrons, dozen of aircraft have been designated as inventory backups meaning they will never fly after delivery and the clock is running fast on the 120 or so airframes flying today. As for the Warthog, the F35/22 were meant to carry missiles not mixed ordinance package needed for CAS missions and its telling that the A10 "retirement" is being pushed back again and again.
- Go forward, America! Long live the Nato! Down with Putin! Best wishes from Germany!
- 2:36 this is NOT the shape of the T10 prototype...
- i remember when this thing was the most bad ass thing in the sky. now we got the Russian Su-t50 and the Chinese copycat J-35
- Is there such thing as stealth missiles?
- I still think the F-23 was the better looking of the 2 ATF'S.
- f 15 silent eagle is better, it's cheaper
- fighter drones will fight in their thousands. todays jets wont have enough missiles and bullets for these cheap chinese made marvels. china will take over the world via remote control, or at least, make the machines to do it.
- for the love of humanity.... EDIT OUT THE GOD DAMN COMMERCAILS! they are terrible the first time and everytime.
- Hey I was going to watch that? why'd you change the Channel!? :P
- wat is this 720p, doesn't look anywhere near hd
- Glad the Raptor beat the Black widow.Looking at the staffing, LMT looks more American than Northrop staffing.Ironically, the American looking team won the competition.
- Dealiest? My arse.
- Rafale stay the best
- f22 good ........................................but SU 47 better
- I ain't no expurt or notin' butt clearly they're are alot of peeple here who don't not know anytthing about anything.
- To asusucks, I was a Marine what were you. The F22 180+airframes required a12-1 maintenace ratio for every hour in the air and now 7-1 on average. Even the infamous Edsel wasn't that bad, the USAF has sent it into combat but never down in the weeds turn n burn ground support of older aircraft its supposed to be replacing. A infamous hangar queen, the F22 literally has to be returned to the US for what most aircraft replace/repair in a few hours or a day in the field like an A-10. At 386,000,000 dollars spent on every F 22 delivered until it was canceled, was almost the same cost as building each one out of gold at 1,000$ an ounce if each plane weighs 18 tons.