The Most Powerful European Union Jet Fighter in Action: Eurofighter Typhoon
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Zobacz i sam oceń czy warto skorzystać z lotniska.
- IRSTs and canards are hot  :P
- euro-political-fighter.
- powerfull than what??
- THE RAFALE is better and NATO know that
- After I don't know maybe 30 years of research we came up with....that thing? Why not stealth?
- Compare to Rafale,this plane is a joke
- the eurofighter is very worse jet fighter in Europe
- Cool.In a couple of weeks,if everything goes right , the Typhoon will strike isis , side by side with the Rafale .
Am i correct ??
- In EU the Rafale > EF.
- Good informative. And it depends the faith.
- The Typhoon is SO GOOD that the French backed out of the project and made the Rafale.
- Russian troll : Hey look, the west has copied the wonderful Mig 1.44 !! Like the SU47, the Mig 1.44 shows how superior russia is to the west. True success stories that the almighty Kremlin has told us are showing the world our unmatched power, striking fear into the hearts of the evil west.

Bow before our mighty Typhooohhh shit, so we can't copy the Eurofighter with any success???? Ok, scrap that decade long project. Hmm.... So onwards to the future with our amazing SU47! Run Americans, RUN! Our UFO fighter jets are on the way! (looks at pictures of the decades old F117, SR71, B2 in awe...) ......... Oh no, so the SU47 failed ? It is ok, use images of it as propaganda for the next 10 years. It looks neat, it will work. Ok OK....It is late in the 1990's, both our 5th gen. platforms have failed. Give us a few years..... Alright, we are back! 2001 baby! Bow before our mighty Rapt...T50 !!!
- Lol, why are all these frogs spamming the comments with BS about the Rafale? Butthurt about something?
Besides, we should all hope the Eurofighter is better than the Rafale because we all know, if there is a real war, who will be the first to surrender and turn all of their weapons to the enemy...
Just enjoy le videó
- Rafale is Better...
- holly molly what was the vs on takeoff?
- So the dutch F16 isn't the advanced fighter of Europe?
- طائرتي المفضله يارب نتعاقد على ٧٠ جديده تسير عندنا ١٤٠
- "The Most Powerful European Union Jet Fighter " EUROPEAN UNION IS NOT A FUCKING COUNTRY !!!! its a stupid union that most of us don't want and it is ruining tens of different indavidual countries at the moment.
- Everyone here talking about rafale and f 35.. How about the JAS-39 Gripen? Cheaper to maintain and fly, uses the same missiles and everything..
- does the rear pilot sit facing backwards?..