The POWER of the Russian Air Force ! Documentary About Su-24, SU-25,SU-27,SU-34 and Mig-29
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- All of them are losers in front of F-22 and F-35's. Are u kidding?
- The "Duckling" looks a lot more stealthier than most jets designed for stealth.
- To all the assholes who think that these are old planes) Remember, these planes are younger than the f-15 and f-16. What you are used to seeing, this bright and beautiful cover. Study the materiel and the history of technology. What you saw at an Airshow painted planes does not say that they are new.
- Is it me or does the music in this docu sounds awfull similair to 2 girls 1 cup?? hehehehe
- Why do russian aircraft look like the where just dragged out of a dust garage after 30yrs of sitting?
- Yea that's why a 20 year old f16 blew that POS out of the air LOL
- kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..... k. avione americano.
- peace is that so hard to understand damn peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
- let the peace be the word but let the devils shut up and return to hill for and sake of the humanity and the future of his earth
- peace for all and if you think you are a big head then you will search for war and war will be after you so seek peace for you and your kids
- russai and america must be united against evil satan and bilderburgers and zionists and others who want to roll the world
- for all yank's if you think you are the most powerful country in this world you are wrong and you need to see others such as Russia and Russia's alliances as another strength side beside you and if you think you are the one then you will be wrong and you will play of the millions lifes as a game you will lose and no one can win but satain and after that you will be a lone because satin will piss on you as he (IT) did since
- yea yankis F16 heavy and handicap machine now Russia will be the eagle of the sky you will be angry you will cry but one truth are truth you are nor the roller of the sky any more you can not be always the king for more than 50 years now it is changed and you will accept this fact
- Are they towing the plane to get it started??? Yuk,yuk, yuk!
- hey benny the entire history of your country is the joke you silly uneducated excuse for a human
- In the interest of diplomacy, both the USA and Russia have amazing fighters and fighter bombers. France has a very fine fighter bomber in their latest Mirage. Russian planes are more robust since they are deliberately designed for less than optimal landing areas and more remote regions making lower simpler maintenance a major requirement. Speed and maneuverability are nearly equal and the best pilots are from the USA, Russia, and Israel so on average fairly even. The USA planes generally have better avionics enabling more kills at greater distances. With missions being run in the Middle East being primarily bombing runs, the challenges are simpler. Getting shot down air to air or ground to air is 1 of 10 odds for any pilot on lower speed and altitude runs.
Would be nice to work together opposing terrorism that's affected both countries. We should be more present and have less cumbersome rules of engagement.
- this piece of crap airplane got shot down by a Turkish f-16 today! Hahaha
- america suspend billions and trrilion dolars yes ...but the same wepoons like pice shit ....luck russian been in sirya 2 wek did alot compare to united states in one 1 year
- luck this very old but fucking kill you and destry target