The Ultra Fast & Powerful F-35 Cannon in Action - 25mm GAU-22/A
Odsłon: 1003009
Czas trwania: 4m 19s
Ocena tzw. rating: 2480
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- СУ-35с
- ahaaaa ))))))))))0000 su 35c best!
- ehm ultra fast? that is the old australian "metal storm" and could be much greater and better
- Murica, Fuck Yeah!
- 0:39 So dope... Doesn't even look like its flying...Like a still picture
- Shiiiiit, 35 is a bust, shiiiiit!
- How many rounds?
- How many rounds?
- Bose Noise cancelling
- wheres the arobatic action, can it not perform like the SU's? i may not know much of anything about planes but i do know this jet has a bad reputation :(
- useless plane.
- The JAS 39 Gripen would blow that expensive piece of overengineerd crap out of the sky any day!
- Everyone is saying "The F-35 will be our new jet" sorry to say this but the dogfight mode for the F-35 is very bad, one shot into that engine, you have to eject, you can't fly back
- That little door covering the gun muzzle looks way too flimsy. I can easily see that if this aircraft had a high sortie rate that little door would be the first thing to go. It would fall off and I doubt they would even notice back at base. They'd be generating sorties so fast they wouldn't have time to worry about such deferrable items. One thing to worry about with that little flimsy door though.....look at it's alignment with the vertical stabilizer?  How'd you like to be peeling off of the target after having that flimsy door come off and hit the vertical stabilizer and then trying to go Mach 2 with a nice divot in the vertical stabilizer?
- F16 is better plane
- Raw3a ...
- Type in "The truth about the useless F22 & F35".
Study done by the Rand Corporation. enjoy
- So this is the last thing that a russian pilot would see before he went kaboom.
- People saying the F-35 is a great plane LOL
- Nasty shit like this and we cant beat chomos in flip flops ridiculous