Top Gear : Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter - Top Gear - BBC
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- the stig should do a lap with roadkill cars.
- It was not surprising the Euro Fighter won, you have to have the right tools to beat a jet like that.
- The car never stood a chance, the jet averaged almost twice the speed
- well the jet has the advantage of gaining speed when falling down, so basically it's faster than it ever could when it fell
- 05:28 .... music, please? :(
- But what if the Bugatti flew?
- I'd love to own that car.
- t pain said he blew 4 radiators so the try to out run a jet is just stupid.
- your veyron is too weak only the corvette can beat a fighter jet
- I want a Bugatti EB110
- i have a buggati veryon $$$$$$$$
- offical topgear page and video quality 360p shame on you!!!
- ow let it race the Lockheed sr-71
- try henneesey venom gt or devil sixteen
- The race starts at 5:50.
- Bloody hell! THAT WAS EPIC!
- I don't want a Bugatti or 3 million car. I just want to own the Mercedes AMG GT. God please make my dream come true before i die.
- See? Other people say that jets are slower than a car. Well, as you could see, all those auto fans are smashed. Even a b747 faster than buggati
- putzy you called the bugatti a plane
- maybe bugatti veron have the best top speed but the hennessy venon gt and the koegnigsegg one:1 have a butter acceleration