TOP GUN PILOT compares Russian Su-30 to US Air force F-15 & F-22
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- Mennn those Americans can lie...... Is like they want to prove to the world that they have the best in everything. I hate that about them.
- America is bankrupt. It will not have any planes in the air fighting a SU-30
- 14:22

- i 've got a contact 20 miles straight ahead, is it friendly or hostile?
- there are NO hostiles within 40 miles of you.
- fox one.

Really? So it was a data link problem?
Care to think about it? So it was the Su-30's problem design?
wow... dumb as shit...
- Um, well, thanks for basically verbalizing a classified report, not to mention discussing details of foreign military exploitation, blue tactics and capabilities. Who the fuck is this guy, he needs to be investigated?
- Why wasn't this capability displayed in Syria?
- "What about the F-35?"

"Leeets save that for another discussion."
- That was pretty harsh sir!....please do not criticize us.
- O.k . . . if he is a top gun pilot . . . he knows . . . hahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahaha
Just wondering . . . why they produce f22 and not f23 . . . just wondering . . .
- I would like to hear a similar presentation from this guy on F-35. I bet he knows a thing or two about the jet that couch warriors would like to piss on.
- So basically all that we knew or suspected to know is true. All new TVC SU-30/35 are a bit better airplanes then US legacy F-15/16s while Raptor smokes them all. You kind of expect that since F-15/16 is a 1970-ties airframe without much upgrade. I guess the newest F-15K is an air dominance beast with its new AESA radar and jammers. But when you consider the numbers and support that USAF gets (AWACS, Navy's Growler EW)) even legacy fighters would hold their own against any Rusian foe. And then there's a new kid in town coming to a party soon - F-35.
- I call BS... If this video were actual flight intel on how our hardware stacks up against their's, it sure as hell wouldn't be on youtube. It would be classified. You are watching scripted disinformation.
- That guy is not an Air Force pilot, it's a FAKE video made by someone who bought an Air Force jump suit from a Military Surplus store. What a terrible attempt to spread dis-information. Even the room he's in is a thrown up bunch of crap. Horrible crap you find on YouTube these days.
- Post Berlin Wall fall, when the commies began taking part in UK air shows, many were surprised at the appalling finish to Mig/Su aircraft. Paint jobs that looked as if they'd been carried out by Rolf Harris and tyres showing the wire. I guess it said it all there and then (so did the pilots). The Union was totally bankrupt and as per with the Russians, the 'leaders' have never given a shit about the people. All the idiots who still proclaim the superiority of an appalling country must either be retarded or in the employ of the Kremlin - 'what you say Borris?' What the fuck is it with the Russian people? Poor deluded souls!
- Is it drones that can out g the the latest fighters planes flown by humans in cockpits or are we just not in the info highway.
- the Russian planes are pretty rugged though i believe -
- The USAF does not have Top Gun Pilots. The USAF has Red Flag Pilots.
- These French! lol
- Why is the raptor grounded when it rains ?
- Right, teh Russian pilots aren't going to do anything and just let themselves get killed, and the SU-35 and SU-37 are even better, not to mention Russia they now have a stealth fighter.
- I hope the yanks doe't under estimate the Russain's and Chinese and the iranians as well has the north koreans the when balloon go's up ?