Top Ten Bombers- B-2 Spirit
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- Go Usa Go and fuck RUSSIA
- How could this plane cost more than anything in the world for no reason including the B-52s?
- são todos lindos de mais, eu  os adoro= Maxy do brasil
- You hear that, is the number 2, is better the lancer
- Once again quality not quantity.
- OK!
- Shot down in 1999
- This aeroplane is shot down in serbia like a F 117a stelth
- Scheiß Fliger 780 k/h !!!
- sorry, but ur useless b2 can't use long-rage nuclear missiles, and easy detected by radar of old mig-29 :D
- sort of useless in today's anti terror climate
- very capable, but its an ugly fucker
- fuckin punks using it agaist Serbia that's bill Clinton. Serbia is a Christian countryonly 3 years later muslims pulled 9/11 on us and said death to the infadels . when Serbia was an ally. thank you bill Clinton.
- the computer in the beginen remember me of " ace combat "
- '
come on american,,,
america can make 10,000 B-1 / B-2 / B-52 bomber planes
- B2 works only in Afghanistan and country who's radar are destroyed.    anywhere else, it will look like a duck sitting to be fucked.
Waste of money for nothing... bring it on
- A revamped of Horton Ho?
- magnifique
- "This stealthy aircraft changed the face of aeronautical design!"
I guess u didn't heard about Ho 229 ,XB 35 ,XB 45 ... B2 design is just the achievement of a long serie of superbe designs :p