Two B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers arrive at RAF Fairford - 8th June 2014
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Czas trwania: 8m 3s
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- These jets are obviously designed by people who grew up watching batman on tv.
- The end will be near if more than 2 show up. So..start your wanking now.
- I was cycling through the Cotswolds in 2014. I was in a quaint village admiring a thatched cottage and medieval church when one of these things banked right over me. thought I was about to be abducted and probed by aliens. I then cycled to Fairford and watched them take off a couple of days later. Great video!
- 82-1069 / WM B-2A "Spirit of Indiana" 393rd BS / 509th BW - Whiteman AFB, Missouri
- 93-1088 / WM B-2A "Spirit of Louisiana" 13th BS / 509th BW - Whiteman AFB, Missouri RAF Fairford, UK
- the bugatti veyron of the skies
- supeeeeeer
- Welcome here anytime
- Awesome aircraft
- What an amazing video! Thank you for this! These planes are so impressive. I'll probably never see one in real life. This is a real treat to watch.
- it reminds me of a giant flying penguin
- People always like to say that this and other aircraft are huge wastes of money. But my father wouldn't have a job without this aircraft. My entire life is because of this airplane. All the food I've ever been given. All the clothes I've ever worn. All my education. All opportunities in my life are because of this aircraft. My family would be nothing without this plane. Then i think about the fact that this airplane is supported by thousands of people like my father. All those people must have families like mine too.
- estes são os ets que amdam aparecendo por ai kkk
- 2.4 Billion $ fuck
All looking for taking over each other and human lives doesn't count, only superiority matter what a shame
- the world destroyer...
- Fantastic video!! (voted and subscribed)
Thank you!
- I thought u shouldnt hear it
- Gorgeous
- It might be a $2 billion dollar aircraft, but it still needs standard tires to land!!
- This is made from recovered alien technology