Typhoon - a ride with the best: The Science Museum, London
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- I adore the Typhoon but I'm afraid my affection for the Harrier is unshaken, espcially with the liberation of the Falklands on the Harrier's resume.
- Nice
- Where?
- I used to have a Nokia702 like he has on the left-side of his dashboard. It's a remarkable peice of engineering. Great phone.
- Second to none
- I think there was a voice over during these manoeuvres, fighter pilots don't have time to talk when pulling these stunts.  It's like racing a sports motorcycle.
- vraiment pas beau
- WOW! The shitiest filming an editing ever. You missed all the great bits you twat!
- Got to hand it to them. That's some amazing, hair-raising flying. One wrong move and it would be game over.
- Can't wait for a jet simulator on VR
- The fighter jet is the 'street bike' of airplanes just as the street bike is to motorcycles. That's the way I see it. And I'm sure there's different sorts of fighter jets just like you have 600 and 1000cc street bikes
- very very nice video, so informative.
- 私の夢は戦闘機のパイロットになることです
- Esto es increíble
- And this is also a demonstration of how they evade enemy radar, by flying between the hills.
- Awesome!Love this kind of video! Thanks for Uploading! :D
Would love a longer video of this kind of footage! This really shows why the RAF is one of (if not the\) Best in the World!
- so majestic
- no one comment me but the f22 is the best aircraft out of the two BUT USAF vs RAF, RAF wins so that makes the eurofighter nearly better than the f22 but there are more f22 than there are eurofighters...
- Absolutely amazing vid!