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Jelenie w Terenie – zespół na wesele Warszawa
- Awesome video, really like the F-15 :DD
- what name is background music
- That plane is so ugly
- Отличное видео и музыка!:) Спасибо! F-15 один из лучших истребителей Мира.
- Great Video and Airplane--- US Air Force F-15 Eagle.Mmmmmmmm
- mate, i fucking love your videos. dont stop!
- The F 15 is a great figher bomber plane and really a fighting falcon.
- wooooow coool
- really inspired
- Great plane...
- @AviatonGeek, what is the name of the music of your very good video?
- song?????
- Good music

And see 1:53
- Two just did a slow fly over the house, I could feel it in my chest! One hell of a bird!
- I had the F-15 fly over my home everyday, now it's the F-22..all are so awesome!! Luke AFB
- Greatest aircraft ever made!
- Strange how they can build these magnificent machines, touching the Heavens. And yet they can't shut off a clandestine subterranean head hacker facility of Hell.
- This would make a better music video for this song than the Official video for this song. Well done.
- I'd give anything to fly in a trainer with an experienced pilot -- the F-15 is my all time favorite fighter jet.
- Awesome =D