Unlimited RAF Eurofighter Typhoon in-cockpit helmet cam video
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Czas trwania: 7m 47s
Ocena tzw. rating: 1679
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- So proud to be British and have these guys protecting our airspace and country :)
- I have always wanted to fly in the vulcan and the red Arrows and the euro fighter typhoon
- protector of Britain's skies and I am proud all of the british should be proud
- LOL. No Trolls in the comment section!
- Not a bad job eh!
- There's something relaxing about watching planes fly to the sound of deep trance
- Is that pinkish round center glass a HUD? I assume it is. Also review mirrors? Really? I mean sure it makes sense but I didn't think aircraft had rear view mirrors. Cool
- 3:21 this engine doesnt work?
- In a country that feels like it's losing its way, this makes you proud to be British...
- I love the rear view mirrors!

Sometimes even the most simplest solutions can never be replaced or upgraded!
- an amazing aircraft which i have also seen at a local air display - awsome
- Отличное видео про Еврофайтер Тайфун!:).
- Awesome video. Would love to see one similar with F-18Es.
- Superb video!!!!
- UK run the world! I mean we got James Bond ffs!
- Canada needs this instead of the F-35!
- must be nerve wrecking refueling in air
- Awesome is the only word Thanks
- Oh man, how damn cool is this!  Can't believe so few views! Soundtrack not particularly my kind of genre but is so fitting!  The 2 bits of low level flying, with roads/cars as points of reference are just mind-blowing!!  Well done lads.  Footage alone is worth a quid donation, let alone backing the cause.  Wonder what the sandwich filings were??  I can make nice sarnies - please can I have a ride in one?