US Air Force F-15 Eagle Demonstration Team
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- from 4:13 on the video tells me that the future is really of Unmanned Fighter Jets ... i am able to feel the pain of the pilot.Under physical stress the senses efficiency is impaired.  Much better to play with a joy stick seated in a comfortable armchair.
- Thanks for this video Bro!I just learned something new, Good job!!!
- Many people don't understand one of the amazing things about the F15 is that this platform was designed in the late 50s, first flew in the mid 70s and still remains as the one of the leading air superiority multi-role fighters in the 21st century.
- F-15 Strike Eagle....just an awesome Fighter jet. Pure power and acceleration. Climb rate off the charts. Lil brother to the F-22. Seen both in action @ 3 fighter aircraft in the world. It was built to shoot down the Rusky built Mig 25 which could hit speeds of close to Mach 3. No match for the F-15.
- 104 and ZERO!!!
- Best jet ever!
- The F-15 is by far the most beautiful aircraft ever made. It's insane how perfect it looks. From the handling to the sound of its engines there's just nothing, nor was there ever anything, better in the skies than the F-15 Eagle.
- and then we have the cock blocking F-22. :-)
- great job major ! you should really try out for the thunderbirds .
- I was exhausted just watching the guy muscle the plane around. Good god...
- i like to watch airshow every year at the my city"s Airport in Canada,and thanks lot for good FF video.
- I wonder why our government has spent billions of $$$ in replacing this airplane with airplanes that have so much technology that can't dogfight, that can't be fueled when the fuel is warm, etc. In my view, we've regressed instead of progress. I read about the newer "Silent Eagle" being give a second shot at flying. Go Eagle! Great video, thanks for sharing.
- Why in the name of God is this only in 480p? What a waste... :/
- I would wager that Major Blue arises each morning looking forward to his work day with a high level of joy.
- vu que le f 35,à sa mâche pas la. force aerien belge devrait prendre le f 15 de chez Boeing la dernière version de Boeing ou le f 18 ? on verra
- The climbing record was taken from F-15 with SU 27. And is still hold by the Russians.
- They should've totally rebuilt the F-15,F-14,F-16,A-10 and the F/A-18 with stealth.
- Un vídeo alucinante. Bien hecho
- I want to see the F-15 make a huge killing spree on those enemy planes and knock those evil planes out of the skies