USA F-22 Raptor vs Russian Mig 29 Whose Win Please Comments
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- Кроме того что Раптор взлетел и сел ,он чтось ещё умеет,бочку или петлю? Или какие другие пируэты?
- они оба очень красивы
- пендосы)не ссать,не тронем!возможно)
- На фоне Миг-1 пиндосский F-22 смотрелся бы ещё менее бледно :-)
- На фоне Миг-1 пиндосский F-22 смотрелся бы ещё менее бледно :-)
- Mig 29? hasn't the f15 already proved it self a better plane in air to air combat, what more to a advance fighter like the f22
- obviusly f22
- you guys have to be kidding me, in a real dog fight the Mig is shot down, not even aware the F22 is present. No contest, do your homework before chiming in here with Mig praise. Russian fighters are a generation behind in technology.
- T-50 vs F16 jajaja
- Getting a kick out of these comments. Let's start with they're from two different eras. Both the f14 + 15 totally dominate this mig and all others and they're 40 plus years old. Secondly the f22 itself is some 25-30 years old. What the U.S. is testing now is light years ahead of anything they could conceive
- У США есть красивое оружие, ф-22 в их числе! Хотя я патриот своей страны!
- 4th gen vs 5th gen? Not a serious question who will win..Congrats on 2.1 million + views though.
- First of all you are looking at an Early mig 29 , put the thrust vectoring mig 29 against the F22 and the F 22 is toast , in fact if you put the Su 37 or the su 47 or the su 50 and the t 50 against eith the 22 or the F 35 , both aircraft would be toast against the SU's or the Mig
- Why compare the MiG 29 to the F-22 when they aren't even from the same generation? The MiG 29 was basically a copy of the slightly superior F-15 Eagle,which falls a bit short of the F-22 overall.. So it definitely wouldn't beat the F-22.
- for those who speaks about usa stealth,usa stealths is not working vs russians radar,where are youre famose F-117 Nighthawks now?? old sovied radars can see those for hundrest milles,and after some of those were shooted down with weeery old AA systems some where in iraq (or near it,dont remember where) they sudenly disapears.
- So you compare seriously a multirole jet-fighter (Mig-29) which was introduced 1983 with a fifth-generation air superiority fighter (F-22)? Those aircrafts have basically different functions in their airforces. It would be fair to compare a Mig-29 with a F/A-18 or a F-16. And because of it's stealth ability, the F-22 can just be compared with the Su-T50 (PAK FA) which is also a stealthy fifth-generation jet fighter for air superiority. It's quite normal that a Mig-29 (unmodernised) would loose nearly every dogfight against the F-22 Raptor aswell as the F/A-18 or the F-16 would loose nearly every dogfight against the Su-T50.

Dear Americans and Russians, let your patriotism at home and congratulate each other. Both sides have wonderful and powerful aircrafts and you have more in common than you think. If you would put the same power in your diplomacy and let your militars stay at HOME, the world would be a safer place. Im from Germany and im ashamed that my country learned nothing from WWII, being part of NATO, sending troops to Afghanistan, Syria and Mali, exporting weapons and tanks all over the world so managers from war industry are getting bigger profits. We all should invest more money in our infrastructures, streets, education and healthcare systems instead of our military defense.

Salute :)
- F22
- F22 Craptor
- A rather silly question, because it all depends on the geometric specifics of the encounter: skill level of both pilots, location, day or night, relative speeds, distance apart, fuel status o both aircraft, crossing angles, aspect, Generally speaking, the F-22's pilot will "see" the Mig 29 long before the Mig 29's pilot can find the F-22, because the F-22 has stealth, aka low observables and the Mig doesn't. That means generally speaking the F-22 will have the first opportunity for a missile solution (a pretty huge advantage)so most likely the Mig pilot likely won't know what hit him as he and his plane are blown to bits.