USA vs Russia - Fighter Aircraft
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wyposażenie dla gastronomii Megast
- RUSSIAN FOREVER 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺💪👊👊👊
- 2,000 Fighter Jets Vs 700 Fighter Jets R.I.P Russia =)
- F 16 FigterF 22 Figter 
Dutlich besser.
- Lol Russia's Air Force is a joke hahaha
- Honestly both of our great nations have great fighters and bombers its actually nice to know that the U.S. still has some competition. Two great competitors make each other better.
- Our fighters are getting old, and there are some mods,. but the SU27 family of Russian airplanes is awesome. They tried to make us think they had gone bankrupt. but all the time they were improving what they had; tanks, planes; all of it. And they are BAD.,
- chinge asu madre..eeuu. viva ruuusssiiiaaaaa
- Самым лучшим истребителем в мире является новый российский т-50 ПАК ФА. А то, что вы тут старый самолет 4++ поколения сравниваете с американским 5-го поколения это ФУФЛО!
- what's the song called?
- su t50 stealth russian fighter is on its way to appear in the air force very soon. it will outperform f22
- russia has the best fighters
- Gay army vs Russia!???You are (have a joke i heard)DUMB WHORES.
- usa people are little bit gay or stupid,may be both.Over 90% of people of the world are hate ""Free America"".Did you ever questioned yourselves ""Why is that""??
- you're posting the same videos dude!!! F22 is better than su T50.May be you're crazy!!I dont know
F15 vs MIG29 !!!!!
- MIG 29 aircraft is the Russian way of war, so why would someone lifted a plane that is proposed to defending cities and industries so raising the quality of plane !?
- сравнивать 4++против 5,умно
- 22 is such a awesome machine!! God I love my country 
- USA is nothing but all countries compared ..come together like butt chicks and be the shitt
- Although rumor has it the big dude has a bunch of nerdy guys saying "Look out!" Whenever someone comes near him. So maybe the F22 has to knock those guys out first ( a vague reference to S400 missile systems..:-))