USAF F22 Raptor Supersonic Abilities and Stunts
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notariusz Lublin
- chingon like
- Japs are dying to get hands on F22 from the US. Toshiba sold advanced CNC machines which Russians used to build silent submarines to challenge the US submarines. Japanese shouldn't be trusted with advanced weapons.
- that f22 can hit sound berrior speed without the use of its afterburners like ur f15, f 18 and other traditional fighters have to and its speed aint nothen compared to the sr71
- f 22 and f 35 are just wow .
- Condensation over the leading edges. Nothing supersonic in this video. If it was supersonic, you would not hear the engine noise until it passed you.
- Regardless of specs, "mines better" kind of thing, the f22 is awesome
- These are huge jets man, i saw one up close and personal and im 6,2 ish and these jets are freaking massive.
- Another 100 MPH and it would be approaching supersonic speed. This is just a vapour cone.
- F22so fas
- Good jab
- They don't call It the Raptor for nothing...
- Comparsion of F-22 vs T-50 PAK FA
- Funny how 750mph looks fast when we are all doing 1000mph  just standing on the earth anyway..   Actually 2000mph when you consider through space.. Actually 3000 mph when you consider the .......
- Go Martin !!!!  Wow !!  Awesome !!