Wings of Russia. MiG-25 and MiG-31. Best In Class (1 of 2)
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- My childhood dream jet MIG-25 Foxbat...Still love it like a kid...!!
- the USAF's SR-71 or the CIA's A-12 never flew a reconnaissance mission over Russia after Gary Powers and his U-2 was shot down. The USA sing an agreement with the USSR that they would never fly a maned flight reconnaissance over Russia again. That agreement was part of negotiations to get Gary Powers back to the U.S.
- The MiG is to the Hornet is what the X-wing is to the TIE.

Of course, in american eyes...
- mig 25 are just insane with there speed and big ass radar
- Who is here for war thunder?
- Kinda looks like an F-18 Hornet...did Northrop copy the YF-17 from the Russians?
- news from Sputnik : The new cutting-edge MiG-31 BM interceptor will join the Russian aerospace force.The MiG-31 BM will not allow any stealth aircraft, cruise missiles or hypersonic drones to escape. This aircraft is capable of simultaneously striking out six and tracking up to 10 air targets.
- avion roussia. asouria
- The MiG-25 and MiG-31 are fast but they will damage the engines if they fly too fast
- There is little wonder that Russia does not make the continuation of MIG 31, which would replace the old standards and introduced new standards.
- So if Russia has all this technology, explain the Russian/Afghan war.
- lol, the Red Star turned into a US white star in flight. Pilot was lucky they didn't execute him for treason.
- Russia. MiG-25 and MiG-31 incredible aircraft stunning
- I love these documentaries .. that is some interresting shit :)
- brilliant doco
- Better make some space planes.
- I born on the Same day when Mikoian died..(9.dec.1970)
- Thank you for the documentary in detail. Great job.
- Politics aside, let's take a moment to appreciate the bravery of the test pilots who gave their lives.

By the way, it is not fair to compare the MiG 25 to American aircraft of the same period. The MiG25 was designed purely as a high-speed interceptor. It's role is to intercept unarmed US recon planes and perhaps nuclear-armed B52s. That's why it has very limited range of weapons, small payload, and terrible low-speed performance. It's not meant to be a dog fighter.
- The Mig-25 looks a lot like the A-5 Vigilante which first flew in 1958 after receiving a contract to build it in 1956. It reached squadron service in 1961. The Mark 2+ A-5 set a ceiling record of over 27,000 meters.