Wings of Russia. MiG-25 and MiG-31. Best In Class (2 of 2)
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- They compare Mig-31 with F-22, F-35 etc because the Mig-31 will be the first to arrive at the scene!
- first American stole mig 25 then then copied it's design into F15 loser
- first American stole mig 25 then then copied it's design into F15 loser
- MiG31 is a fucking monster
- MIG-31 vs F-22 - interesting head to head concept. I guess it all boils down to how well stealth works vs modern radars.
- Thanks, very informative.
- The first fighter in the world that could track multiple targets w/o ground or air borne RADAR support and was decades ahead of the rest of the world? While the west didn't get phased array till a few years after the Soviets, the Grumman F-14 Tomcat could track 24 targets and shoot down 6 simultaneously. This system was tested successfully in 1972. The Tomcat shot down 2 remote controlled aircraft and 2 cruise missiles at low level. The other 2 targets were tracked but not hit due to in flight failure of the targets.
- imagine a super long range attack fast flying viking vs a stealth anti air banshee in sc2. They play different roles
- russia didnt need to make mig 25 or mig 31 they had a good ICBM force in 1970's they coulda saved some fuckin money and just used mig 21's mig 19's etc, and wait till the mig 29 and su 27
- Great documentary and video, one of the less biased videos that is actually enjoyable!
- 24:30 So.......godless Commies was just propaganda. Great post. Very informative.
- Belenko wrote a book that explains why he defected.  It's an interesting book.
- These are nothing, I shot one down with my slingshot just last week!
- It is all about radars, the radar can detect f-22 even stealth if the radar's cross section is big enough
- "Zaslona"is rather a curtain translated into English.
- Neither looks to be a dog-fighter. Relatively small wings and poor pilot visibility.
- Both the 25 and the 31 are great planes... but touting it as better than the F22 is just propaganda. It may have better radar and larger missiles, but the F22 is invisible, a stealth plane... You need to know your enemy is there to attack, Russia.
- Brilliant two part doco, thanks for uploading.
- Such an asshole (talking about the guy which stool the jet )
- it was awesome ..