WORLDS FASTEST AIRCRAFT in service today Russian Mig 31 Foxhound
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- "Would you like anything to read?"

"Do you have anything light?"

"Here's this leaflet, 'Successful Russian Weapons Platforms'"
- Should have called it Firefox.
- Funny fact about mig 25/31 its made from stainless still, delorian of some sort if you know what i mean.
- The MiG-31 has the distinction of being one of the fastest combat jets in the world.
- I also did some research, the Fastest Jet in the world in the X-15. Though it is not the fastest jet in service today. MIG-31 wins.
- fuck russia, murica bitches
- It is true that the 31 and the 25 before it had no real top speed. they could just keep accelerating until they burned out the engines or ran out of fuel. The down side is they gulped fuel like a fire storm and the engines did burn out and need rebuild after only 3-10 hours of flight time. Not really combat ready imo.
- can u host me
- This was, well, short.
- As an American aviation enthusiast I have always admired Russian contributions to the aeronautic universe. Russia must surely be proud of their track record-I would.
- 4 MiG 31 can scan entire area of Syria and fire on everything in that airspace as well as serve as awacs to other jets.
- imgine what the russians could build if they had the western budget
- if Russia is so great, how did they get shot down by the Turks flying 2d tier (export level) US aircraft?

Russia rules 2nd place or should I say 3d since they obviously weren't even a match for the Turks

and when you are in second place all you ever see is the lead dog's butt.

Buy heh, Russia is number one in the worst nuclear accidents of all time (Chernobyl)
- It cruises at 1900-2000mph, 400-500mph faster than the F22's top speed! Ayyy lmao
- The Russians have developed the MiG-31BM which is 2.6 times more effective than the MiG-31 due to new avionics and armaments.
- This is the plane that will shoot done those B-2's.
- Russia/Putin is COW SHIT under OBAMAS shoes...RUSSIA and Putin both a NOTHING in this WORLD against USA/NATO
- Antique shit from soviet time :))
- Russia rules!